Energy "working"

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Energy "working"
Post # 1
if this is the wrong forum for this type of question, please feel free to tell me and i will move or do not hesitate to move this question yourself. thank you

i have been curious about these videos and i would not mind having other thoughts on these links please:

If you believe the above is considered rolplaying then why is this book in your shop?

these queries are not meant to stir the pot, i seek genuine heartfelt honesty here.
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Re: Energy "working"
Post # 2
You do not understand what a book of the dead is intended to be. That book, as the description says, is about transformation through the death of the old self. This is a very very common occurrence in several different shamanic paths. It is called a book of the dead, not in that it deals with physically dying and returning as a vampire, but rather it deals with metaphysical dying. The book actually mentions nothing about vampires, and makes me question if you had read it at all.

My suggestion is to look into ego death and the Tibetan Book of the Dead to learn more about the transformational effect of "dying" and being reborn metaphysically.
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Re: Energy "working"
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Actually Danni, when dealing with the death concept in shamanism it can be metaphorical, metaphysical, or even an actual death. Some times you can come extremely close to dying but not die. Or you could possibly actually die. The point is that you get broken down even to death and you do what you must do to heal your self and build your self back up stronger than before. It's not some thing you go through once and that's it. These death experiences are happenings you will experience all of your life, even if you decide to stop your practices. Of course this doesn't make you a vampire or zombie or some supernatural person. You're just you. These experiences hold lessons to be learned. Helps better your self. Gives you deeper appreciation for life, death, those who see to the dead, and those who guide the dead to their afterlife.
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