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Spirit Guides
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I wrote this for a member of my coven. So I figured I would post it here as well. I'm not the most knowledgeable in the subject but I hope some of you learn a little(Or re-learn as some cases might be) in this post. Spirit Guides are entities which come to help us, this can either be through a particular journey, or for life. They come in all shapes and sizes, have varying personalities, and can be animals, people, even balls of light. You can, and many do, have multiple spirit guides.

There are many ways of finding our spirit guide(s). One simple such way is through meditation, you can meditate on finding your spirit guide in various ways. For example: In one such session I was standing alone in the dark, then a magnificent black horse galloped up to me. A voice told me this animal was not my spirit guide but it would take me to the place I needed to be. I got on the horse and pearly white stairs appeared which the horse began to run up at increased speeds. Soon we passed through a door in the darkness, and suddenly I was in a lush forest. The horse stopped, then soon after the voice from before told me that the horse must stop here, for if it were to come with me the sound of its hoofs would scare away my spirit guide. I went walking through the forest and came upon a glowing circle on the ground, in which I knew my spirit guide would appear. I sat, watching the circle when a gray lady appeared next to me, which she was not my guide, she went to tell me something when suddenly I jerked out of the state. Now, I did not see my guide in this instance, but it is still a good example of a journey you may have to make to meet yours.

Another way is to work on dream recall. Often our spirit guides may come to us in our dreams, but we don't remember the case even happening. No, this does not mean every entity you will meet will be your spirit guide, but it is possible for them to show up do to us being in a more open state as we slumber.

There are various other methods to finding your spirit guide(s) but I will not be going over them. Just know that it is not required for you to find them. They can be a big help, but we can always succeed our own if you try hard enough.
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