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Forums -> Herbalism -> Essential Oils Alert

Essential Oils Alert
Post # 1
I have a friend who is an organic skincare specialist and works with essential oils. I think some of us who work magick(because we are so in tune with nature) could do with some of this information... she posted this in a forum I frequent and I thought I'd share:
"Hi Everyone, just wanted to flag up the issue about unsustainable skincare ingredients. Because of large-scale cosmetic companies and perfumery and the food flavour trade, many essential oil plants/trees are threatened with extinction.

The 2 main oils to 'boycott' are:

Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora)

Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album)

If you wish to research this for yourself, please check out websites such as IUCN Red list: http://www.iucnredlist(dot)org/


Here's the info for Rosewood: http://www.iucnredlist(dot)org/details/33958/0

and Sandalwood: http://www.iucnredlist(dot)org/details/31852/0"

... I've seen some spells and anointing oils that suggest using rosewood and sandalwood, so if we can please be aware of this and consciously look for substitutions to keep from using these oils to preserve the supply...

Blessed be
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Re: Essential Oils Alert
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I do not purchase the rosewood from some time now .You guys can use rose otto or rose absolute,geranium as substitutes for rosewood essential oil .Another substitute ,which now has been introduced on the market, is so called Linaloe Wood (Bursera delpechiana syn. Bursera glabrifolia ).

I did not know that Sandalwood now is facing extinction !Thanks for letting me know .I will stop purchasing all products from it .Not sure if there are any substitutes for it .

Also I am trying to avoid purchasing products containing palm oil .Each year huge part of rainforest is cleared and is replaced with the Palm Trees .They are used to produce palm oil ,but the process pollutes all rivers and kills animals and more trees .
Local indigenous tribes ,trying to safe their forest are killed and put in prison .For those people forest is part of who they are .

This is an appeal to all healers ,therapists ,spellcasterss and any other kind of practicioners to help people, but not on the expense of species vanishing .It is sort of disturbing to get to realize , while you are helping people or yourself on one side of the world on other people are suffering ,because we purchase those products !And meanwhile animals ,fish and plants are becoming rare ,because our increasing need for those resources .

What goes around comes around .By loosing those plants we loose medicine ,which Mother Nature provided for us ,but we failed to pass this legacy to next generations .Be aware ,educate people and the new generation .One person makes small difference, but many can make big .
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Re: Essential Oils Alert
Post # 3
I had no idea this was going on! We really need to preserve this because we are going to lose medicine and that is bad! I feel so guilty now for buying some Sandalwood Oil now. I hope I can find an alternative.

Thanks for warning us. This is really important.

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Re: Essential Oils Alert
Post # 4
Good to see others concerned about buying ethically!

I'm still researching other oils but if I find anymore information I will definitely keep everyone posted!

Blessed Be
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Re: Essential Oils Alert
Post # 5
Also Thanks Artindark for the info about rosewood alternatives! I was wondering about this very thing..

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Re: Essential Oils Alert
Post # 6
I would find this after purchasing a bunch of rosewood oil :(

But thanks for the alert, and most definitely will do more research (and substituting!) to see how I can help with preventing herbal extinction.
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