Energy Healing

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Energy Healing
Post # 1
Healing with energy is a very basic, yet effective method. In this method you basically send your energy into the inflicted areas and visualize them being healed. Typically this is done with using colors. A lot of times people will visualize the inflicted area being red, and their healing energy being blue. In this, you can picture the blue taking place of the red while the red is being pushed out of the body, or you can picture the blue overtaking the red to where there is no more red left.

Now this is very simple, but it can still take some practice. It also may be easier for you in the beginning if you hold your hand(s) over the inflicted area before you begin. Now the colors you use don't have to be the colors I used in the example above. The colors you use may be of your own personal belief (EX: Some people feel black or yellow is sick, and white or green is healthy), or if you personal path relates any particular colors to certain things you may use them. I personally see gold as a healing color, but to different ailments and injuries I may use a different color.

Another way of doing this is by visualizing the person's injury healing, or the person becoming more healthy as you transfer healing energy into the person's body. For example, lets say you are trying to heal a cut. In this, while you are transferring your healing energy into the area of the cut, visualize the cut healing, without even a scar left behind.

Now, its important to remember that healing in this way won't produce miracles. The wounds won't heal up instantaneously, and they won't feel 100% right away. No, this method more or less helps the healing process, making it quicker, better, and safer. It can help protect against infection, and conditions worsening, but if the person you are trying to help makes the problem worse by keeping the wound dirty, or by not taking care of themselves all of your work could very well be in vain.

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Re: Energy Healing
Post # 2
This is a good post, thanks!
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Re: Energy Healing
Post # 3

Thanks for this post, Well done.

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Re: Energy Healing
Post # 4
great explanation thxx btw
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