Are the time spell work

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Are the time spell work
Post # 1
I'm newbie,I am not really understand about the the spells,magick ,can anyone pls explain to me ?pls~ I really very interested about these mistery and hope it is work it~Thankyou >_<
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Re: Are the time spell work
By: / Beginner
Post # 2


First off, magick is not a mystery. Wicca/Paganism are beliefs, like a religion. But you can be a Christian Wiccan so its mostly just belief.

(Im trying to understand your post) Spells are cast for a person's want's or needs, such as love spells. Other kinds of spells cast are spiritual spells, when you ask the spirits for help or for guidance. You can also call a deity, a god or goddess, for help. Fantasy spells, however, do not work. You cannot change your DNA, unless you want to go to some scientist and spend all your money to get surgey or whatever.

I believe that magick is just your energy combined with the earths--the worlds. I also believe that a witch is connected to nature. There are many different beliefs out there.


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Re: Are the time spell work
Post # 3
No. Time spells do not work. Magick cannot defy nature or physics. Time spells are fake. People who are ignorant post them. Those spells are an insulation to the serious practitioners.
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Re: Are the time spell work
By: / Novice
Post # 4
magic is energy found everywhere in nature. spells use this energy to effect the casters life in some way. this energy is neutral, it is not good or bad, 'black' or 'white'. the intent the caster has when preforming the spell will determine if it's positive [say a luck spell] or negative. [a curse] there are some grey area's, but i'll leave that alone.

since magic is energy in nature, it has limitations, it obeys the laws of nature. as humans, we cannot transform into other beings, fly, levitate, turn invisible, or travel through time. magic can't do this. however, if you wish to, you can do past life regressions with meditation and visit past lives. it isn't magic, and you're not physically going back in time, but that's the closest you're going to get.

hopefully that cleared some stuff up. try finding a book for beginners to help you grasp magic better. are you of a particular pagan faith, or as just interested in magic? i don't want to recommend a book on Wicca to find out you're practice Norse paths.
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