Electric Candles

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Electric Candles
Post # 1
Can you use electric candles in rituals?
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Re: Electric Candles
Post # 2

Of course, the tools are mainly to "get you in the magic mood" so to say. If electric candles can help you do that then they are serving their purpose. Many witches either can't afford real candles or are unable to burn them due to restrictions. (Some apartment buildings ban buring candles) I've used electric candles many times in place of real ones, mostly because I'm a teenage witch and I'm unable to get ahold of a lighter most of the time. :)

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Re: Electric Candles
Post # 3
It is actually a rather common practice to use electric candles as replacements for real candles. I, for one, prefer real candles, but I'm an overly set in my ways kind of lady. I could use the other kind, I just want to avoid it at all costs.

In my practices, there is something simply wonderful about lighting a real candle before my netjeru and akhu, and lovely when I perform Senut.Part of that is just that I love getting into the ritual of things, and following my heart in doing so. Another part is it makes more sense with a real candle in my practices.
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Re: Electric Candles
Post # 4
so you can use Electric Candles in rituals? well let me ask you this where can you find Electric Candles to use in rituals? please send me an email telling me where i can find Electric Candles ok. thank you very much and have a blessed day.
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Re: Electric Candles
Post # 5
I would prefer using a real candle actually seems much more appropriate and since I offer incense during some of my rituals, a actual flame is needed.

Regardless , I feel it rather iffy and rather awkward when for example one lights a candle in honor of a diety and if it is a electric just does not feel right in my opinion.. One might as well say that one turns a bathroom light on or the living room light on in honor of another =|


You can get them in various places .. In some furniture stores , online , departmental stores , etc
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