love spells

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love spells
Post # 1
Dose anybody think that love spells are wrong. Wouldn't you want a person to love you because that's what they feel in there hearts. Not because of some spell. because then love is fake right?
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Re: love spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Welcome.
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Re: love spells
Post # 3
thank you
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Re: love spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
if the spell is meant to manipulate(intentional or unintentional) then it is wrong. if it is to attract a lover or soul mate then it is ok.
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Re: love spells
Post # 5

I have seen post like this before. And I will say this. Love spells do not mean to make some one fall in love with you.

Though commonly people think this it is not about making someone love you. Love spells can do this but to most people on this site are agaianst breaking someones will.

But love spells can also help open yourself up to self love. Love for your friends. Help find love. As well as getting over a love one. There are spells of love to which to do so your love is faithful . There are more than just one ideal to this selection of spells but people who start out in the occult often over look this.

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Re: love spells
Post # 6
A love spell will work best if you're looking to find love without anyone specific in mind.

That way you will be letting the force, the universe, whatever god etc., to find you the best possible person, so long as the spell is genuine and done the right way.

If that's your intent, good spelling.
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Re: reverse love spells
Post # 7
I actually came to the forums seeking guidance with a love spell so Im a bit wowed at findjng this thread.
What I'm considering casting is more of an anti-love make me stop loving someone. I put a lot of thought and emotion into writing my spell and included a typical "dont come back on me" but I am still leary of casting it. I am well aware of the possible backfire associated with love spells and I simply dont want to make myself love him even more!
I have been a solo practitioner since 2002 so Im not new to the craft, but have never cast anything even remotely similar...
Does anyone else have a little more experience? Does anyone else see if the potential for this to blow up on me?
To give a brief background...Ive been dating this guy for 6 years. When it is good, it is really, really good, but when things go south, I'm talkin far below the equator! We break up and get back together every 3 weeks or so because I just can't let go of him despite nothing ever getting "fixed". At one point I broke up with him for 6 months, but inevitably I took him back. I just can't do it anymore. So the only intent I have is to save myself from the constant heartache.
I appreciate any help anyone can offer....thank you and blessed be! (:
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Re: love spells
Post # 8
You have to stay away from manipulating people, but if you just wear charms and different brews for purfumes you should be alright :)
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