BoS and window-problems?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> BoS and window-problems?

BoS and window-problems?
Post # 1

Hey there, and blessed be.

I'm beginning on a BoS - first of all to have all my stuff in place. What should I diffenetly have in it? I know many have asked before me, but I find it more personal to write a topic myself.

I'm, btw, not more than half a year into my wiccan life. I meditate and such, no spells yet. I lit candles, incense and such - but no spells yet. :) all at a decent time, right?

Another thing, I've got this huge window - 1 m2 - and I have plants in it. Some kitchen herbs, a small tree, a Hyacinth and two little flowers. In the middle of the window, I'm having a big white candle, that I'm always having lit when I'm in the room. On the side of the candle, I have my incense - only lit when I'm needing it.

My questing to the window-thing is; is it okay that I'm having all these different things in my window?

Blessed be, and have a nice day :)

- Nephthys

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Re: BoS and window-problems?
Post # 2

Basically a Witch's Book of Shadows is a place where they keep Prayers, Spells, Devotion, Altar Diagrams, Information on the Sabbats, Important dates (Birthdays, Handfastings, Deaths), Information on thier God & Goddess, Herbs, and their craft. A book of shadows is a very personal thing,and should contain the information you find most important.

So after you get to know what a book of shadows basically is, you can tell yourself if you are able to use it or not and also how exactly you're going to use it.
You may keep there their spells, rituals, prayers, devotion, altar diagrams, important dates or any other sort of magic information, can start using a magick book of shadows.

Just do what you want with it, that is your personal content which you can freely use as everything that you want. Since this is your personal Book Of Shadows, you should be the one who decides what to put in it. That's quite easy.

As for the question you asked about this window, the answer is very simple - Yes, it is very fine to do what you are doing.
You are the one who decides how to organize things with magical tools and ingredients, so everything is up to you.

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Re: BoS and window-problems?
Post # 3
Write in your BoS what feels right to you. Use it almost as a Spiritual journal. You can use it to record how you celebrated Sabbats, When you do perform a spell, you can use it to record the spell and any outcome of the spell. If you try something new, record it. Its a personal thing, make it resemble you but in book form. Do whatever feels right.

The window thing is a great idea! I know a youtuber Pagyptsian who would do something very similar with her window. It's a great idea because you can look out the window at the beautiful world outside.
Hope this helps :)
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Re: BoS and window-problems?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Books Of Shadows are very personal to Witches, so however you feel you want your BOS to be you should do it that way. Theres no right or wrong way to make a Book Of Shadows.
I, for one, Have a three ring binder, so I can move the pages around. I have a tab for Research -To put the information and research I've done in my studies in for later review. A tab for Deities -Profiles of Goddesses and Gods, lists of different path's Goddesses and Gods, stories of them, etc. A tab for Correspondences -Correspondences for the days, moon phases, Astrological phases, Colors (Candles, cords, cloths, clothing, energy, etc), Times of day, etc. Then I have a spell/Meditation tab where I put mostly meditations (As I have a seperate Spell Book), and A Record tab where I keep pages on the different rituals I did (The spells, The purposes, notes, information, etc) and then a personal Journal tab, where I write my personal input, thoughts, etc.

As for the window, as long as you're being safe not to have any fires or anything break, it should be all right to have them there. maybe arrange it so it wouldn't fall or the candle's flame wouldn't catch anything and try to be careful with a burning flame.

Blessed be
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