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Full Moon
Post # 1
So during the full moon, I get massive headaches, can't sleep, my body radiates heat like I don't know what, my eyes change color, and I feel like I can run for miles. I don't know what can be going on with me. Can someone help or have any info on this.
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Re: Full Moon
Post # 2
You should most likely see a doctor, have you considered that?
Has it been just this previous full moon? You may had been sick
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Re: Full Moon
Post # 3
Its every full moon. Even since I was 5
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Re: Full Moon
Post # 4
The full moon is believed to have different effects on the human body, behaviour and emotion. Hospitals actually prepare extra beds for pregnant women on full moon nights. I know a kid who gets asthma attacks during the full moon. Menstrual cycles of certain women are coordinated around the full moon. It is also believed that epileptic patients need to be watched for seizures during full moons and new moons. And in psychiatric wards, you'll hear the staff whisper about the crazies getting crazier on a full moon night.

So, how does this happen? We all know that the moon works with water and controls tides. And since human bodies have a 75% water content, theories say that moon with its gravitational pull disrupts the alignment of water molecules present in our bodies. Thereby, leading to certain changes

But then again, this theory has been challenged. And studies that have been carried out about the moon and its effects on the human body seem to oppose each other. Those who have debunked the above theory say that when strange things happen on a full moon night, people notice the "coincidental" big bright orb in the sky and wonder. When strange things happen during the rest of the month, well, they're just considered strange, and people don't tie them to celestial events.

Having said all this, chances are the moon maybe affecting you. But there is also a big chance that you have a medical problem that you seem to notice only when the moon is shining down on you in all its glory. So, if I were you. I?d go to the doctor. If nothing shows up, pay him a visit on the next full moon ;)

There's just one thing I want to clarify before you ask. You are not turning into a werewolf. You are not half a werewolf either. So you have nothing to worry about on that front. You are human and will always remain human. I promise you.
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Re: Full Moon
Post # 5
Ha why would I want to become a Mongrel
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