Blood-Sucking Vampires

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Blood-Sucking Vampires
Post # 1
Now, I've noticed many posts/comments/etc. on here stating that it is impossible to be a blood-sucking vampire. Quite frankly, I disagree.

To begin with, let's state the things that people generally assume about vampires.

- They suck blood
- They are fanged
- They are nocturnal
- They have pasty skin
- Their skin may be clammy or cold.

Now, let's describe each one. Humans can drink human blood if they so wish and manage to get the blood to drink. Most humans have "fangs," though we don't call them such. They are in fact our canine teeth. Humans also can be nocturnal if they choose. When one is nocturnal, they generally have pasty skin, unless they stop by the local tanning salon. The night generally tends to be colder than the day. Pale skin also absorbs less sunlight than skin with a tan. Put these two together, and a human's skin might be several degrees cooler than that of a human on a "normal" schedule.

Also notice that nowhere in there was DNA change mentioned.

Conclusion: vampires can exist, albeit humans with eclectic taste-buds and a unique schedule.

Re: Blood-Sucking Vampires
Post # 2
this is true. Im not sure about others but when i say they arnt real Im talking about there "powers" and how you become one. its hard to belive that hollywood standerds for the "Vampire" has had an effect on pagan/wicca community for such a long time.

Re: Blood-Sucking Vampire
Post # 3
This is an interesting possibility.

Re: Blood-Sucking Vampires
Post # 4
you also have to add in the fact food turns to ash in their mouths, they combust in sunlight, they can't enter a building without invitation, nor can they see their reflection. You're just mentioning the relatively possible traits.
And drinking blood is a terrible terrible idea. It's a toxin that when drunk in excess amounts could be fatal.

Re: Blood-Sucking Vampires
Post # 5
that is hollywood standerd. if you look back enough none of that was part of the vampire legend until hollywood got a hold of it

Re: Blood-Sucking Vampires
Post # 6
Now, for burning in sunlight: When someone is in the sun for too long, they generally get a sunburn. If one's skin is very pale and isn't used to the sun, it could burn much faster. Now, I'm not saying that it would burn instantly, for it would take some time, just not as much time as for people that are diurnal.

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