Tips for reading Tarot

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Tips for reading Tarot
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Or, Tarot Tips if you're a fan of alliteration!

Here are just a few tips I've compiled from my own experiences with reading tarot, along with things I've found in books and online.

. . .

Fate, or the future, is hardly ever fixed or set in stone. The cards simply tell you what most likely is going to happen if you continue on the path you're going. Your future is a fickle thing determined by your choices and decisions.

When first starting out with a fresh deck, or starting out with your first deck ever, take some time to acquaint yourself with the cards. Meditate on each card and try to find a meaning that speaks to you. Carry them around with you.

Cleansing your cards is recommended to keep readings accurate and clear. Whether that means leaving your cards under the moon, knocking on the deck, cutting it a certain way, leaving it by a crystal, or any other means of cleansing.

Learn to trust your intuition. The cards are a tool and they are never wrong. Sometimes we may interpret them wrong, but they themselves are never wrong. This takes work and practice, because our logical mind wants to jump to a conclusion we want. Do not read what you want to read, read what is there.

The cards will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to know.

Sometimes, the reading will be inaccurate. Your judgment can be clouded, you might not word your question correctly, you may have cards that need cleansed. If a reading just doesn't feel right, cleanse the cards and take a break.

Go at your own pace. Keep notes of sequences that keep popping up. Keep a record of your readings.


Thanks for reading. I may add more to this as I go along. (:

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