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Forums -> Misc Topics -> afterlife

Post # 1
hey everyone i was just wondering what would happen to the spirit of someone who killed themselves what would happen where would they go?
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Re: afterlife
Post # 2
Well in the Christian Bible, if someone committed suicide, they'd go straight to hell. Other religons suggest they get reincarnated as something as a punishment for taking themselves out. If you're having and trouble, talk to me. I'll be there for you, or if it's a friend, same thing.

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Re: afterlife
Post # 3
We all come from the same Source. We come here on a mission, we all have purposes here. I think if someone kills themselves, they're either A) Return to source and do the proper rehabilitation, then reincarnated. B) They are in the lower-vibrational level ("hell"). I feel like if someone is stuck in their own pain or hate, and do die like that, I feel like they put themselves in that lower vibrational plain. This is where "shadow people" , "demons", "ghosts" and other negative entities exist. This is what I feel though. I believe we have a choice. If the person wants the help, they do option A. If they dont , they choose option B. This is what I feel though. We determine our fate.
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Re: afterlife
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
As I have posted many times on this site; anyone may believe whatever they wish.If you believe in an afterlife, that is okay, too!
Just don't make the mistake of thinking that a belief is a truth!
And please don't write a belief as though it is a proven fact!
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Re: afterlife
Post # 5
May I humbly offer a Buddhist perspective?...

I believe that what happens to the person will depend very much on where their state of mind is as they kill themselves... I think that usually, suicide arises out of some kind of terrible inward grasping. Depression, fear, anger, sadness, guilt can somehow end up being traced back a real sense of being very self-absorbed, and self-grasping - being very angry, sad, guilty about OURSELVES.

I say this because in a Buddhist sense, we are taught to focus outwards and develop qualities like compassion, love, understanding for the sake of ourselves and others. When we focus inwards only on our problems, we kind of spiral into ourselves and all the worst emotions become stronger - depression, fear, anger, guilt etc. and it becomes at the exclusion of anything or anyone else. (I'm not saying this as any kind of put down to people who feel this way so please don't be offended by what I'm saying)

So I think that when we die or kill ourselves in that state of mind, we would be led, karmically, to state of being that reflects that. It is explained that people who are very attached, very caught within themselves and their emotions, come back in states which can be very isolated. We have created the causes, as it were, to be completely into ourselves at the exclusion of everyone else. So this can mean that someone is reborn as a lonely wandering spirit (or worse).

so to counter that, I have found it very helpful to contemplate death - confront the very thing we're up against and to think realistically and truthfully about our mortality (a wonderful meditation here This way, we develop a gratitude for the things we do have, and we lessen our grip and grasping on the more negative things that destroy ourselves. Then death doesn't just become about death or killing ourselves, but we begin to see it as an end of a very precious opportunity to be alive and make a difference in the world around us. This isn't supposed to be a morbid meditation or reflection, but a realistic one that can be very empowering because we realise that actually, we are in control of creating a lot of very positive things instead of self-destruct.
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Re: afterlife
Post # 6
When involving the Bible, please do not post something without textual evidence. There is no verse in the Bible that states that suicides go to hell.

If you are looking at this from a fundamentalist Christian view, then, all one needs for salvation is the acceptance of Christ (considering that salvation is not based on good deeds vs. bad deeds, it is based on God's grace). Here is a quote from a fundamentalist Christian: "In conclusion, a true Christian who commits suicide will enter heaven. Being a true Christian means that one believes in Jesus Christ as Lord. Going up for an alter-call at some point in one's life without true belief does not make one a true Christian."

For Catholics, suicide is the complete rejection of God's gift, life; therefore, completely rejecting God. But they believe that "We are NOT to judge; not to assume that these poor souls are lost for eternity." Christ is understanding and compassionate, only He can tell. The most common Christian view on suicide is based on Dante's epic poem, The Divine Comedy. In that, he visualizes those who commit suicide in hell-that is where the common belief of "suicides go to hell" originate, I believe. But there is no where in the Bible that explicitly states states that suicides go to hell.

Each person is entitled to their own beliefs, though. So take what we say with a grain of sand and follow what you believe.
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Re: afterlife
Post # 7
Oh heck! I think you have to come back and live it all again until you get out of that cycle. Nasty!
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