Strange dream

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Strange dream

Strange dream
By: / Novice
Post # 1
I dabble in dream interpretation, but I recently had one that defies my understanding.


I dreamed that I was living in an apartment like the one my parents live in. (They live in Warsaw, Poland, overlooking Savior's Square. There's a giant rainbow erected in the middle of the roundabout street, part of which is charred black from an inebriated passerby accidentally lighting it on fire.) My husband was there, as were my dogs. He was in the kitchen cooking, and I was looking out the living room window.

The dream felt, at first, grounded in reality; everything was as I remembered it being, right down to the placement of the remote control for the TV on the coffee table.

Things took a turn for the avante-garde when the scattered pedestrians going about their own separate ways in the square suddenly turned to face one direction - west. I followed their gazes and saw a giant woman rounding the corner. She must have been at least 50 feet tall; she was eye level with some of the rooftops.

The people below began screaming and running away. Her footsteps caused the ground to shake. But no one in our home seemed to notice; my husband continued whistling while he tossed a pancake in the air, and the dogs kept napping on the couch. I dove under the coffee table and shielded myself with my arms.

The closer she came, the more violently the ground shook. Even when a single footstep caused things to topple over and fall to the floor, no one seemed bothered. Glass dishware in the kitchen was crashing all around my husband, scattering debris across the tiled floor, but - after regaining his footing - he calmly scooped his finished pancake out of the pan and onto a plate.

Finally, when the quaking stopped, there was a prolonged moment of silence. Then, the doorbell rang.

"Can you get that, sweetie?" My husband called from the kitchen.

I was shaken and deeply disturbed, but I crawled out from hiding, stepped over the shattered remains of our furniture and belongings, and opened the door.

The woman was normal-sized then, and quite pretty. Brunette, with green eyes and pale skin. She was wearing an emerald dress and platform heels, like she was dressed to a party.

The last thing I remember was seeing her lips peel back in a smile. "May I come in?" She asked.


Any thoughts?
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Re: Strange dream
Post # 2
I would suggest you've recently purchased something, or done something in secret, either of which you don't want your husband to know about, yet.

If this is the case, the dream is telling you not to worry. It is not as big a deal as you thought.
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Re: Strange dream
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Interesting. Thank you for your interpretation.
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