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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Oil.

Post # 1
Hello,if anybody can,would you mind telling me if this is a good idea or not,you see,i can't get any kind of fancy oil,and i've heard that before you use a candle for any king of magic,you should anoint them with oil,i've done a little bit of research about magic using blood,and i was going to use a mix of vegetable oil that i've let sit in moonlight and some of my own blood,is this a bad idea?
I've heard that your own blood has your own energy in it and that that can really help a spell,so i feel like i'd be putting more into it.
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Re: Oil.
Post # 2
Thank you for your time.
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Re: Oil.
Post # 3
"Kind" of magic,sorry,i'm using an on screen key board,and sometimes i click the wrong keys by accident.
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Re: Oil.
Post # 4
You do not always have to annoint a candle with oil, only in some special cases like ritual work, or consecration of you working candle.

I do not suggest using your blood unless the spells you are doing is strictly Blood Magick related. Using your blood however is not bad at all, just make sure the spells you are doing especially needs your blood. Don't use your blood for small things like money spells, love spells, etc.

You may use Vegetable Oil if you wish, and you having it sit in moonlight is good.
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Re: Oil.
Post # 5
hi again,annointing with holywater is just as effective the whole ideal is to concecrate and make it holy to your deity,you can use colone or perfume to, leave out an hour at midnight,fullmoon and walla annointing perfume blessed be
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Re: Oil.
Post # 6
The candle is superfluous to any spell, and by default, so is the oil.

However, a lot of even seasoned spell-casters will use candles. There is something magical in anointing and inscribing them, ritualising, watching the flame and its wisp of smoke with the culmination of perhaps burning the written spell in the dying flames of the flickering stump, before some disposal of the stump and the ashes.

If you can make your own candle and even your own oil; every bit of is honing in on the goal you are aiming for. Every bit of it is moving the universe to your end. How about even making your own paper.

All of this is grist to the mill.

Once you understand that it is only directed emotion and the ability to see the end result, then you will understand that all of the paraphernalia you use to help you get there is just that, paraphernalia.

Get oil to anoint your candle from anywhere. It could be car oil, it doesn't matter. Don't buy it. Don't ask for it. Certainly don't steal it, though a thimble full from home would be OK. This is your oil. It is you that has made the effort to get it. But make it a quest.

Now the magic starts.
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Re: Oil.
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Oil is not required, it is a personal preference. So is the blood.
I have never used vegetable oil.
None are bad ideas but you should find what makes you feel the most "connected" to your work, that is what will work best.
I would suggest trying a few methods first and see what works.

I have used ocean and river water with a few drops ov my blood in it. Or powdered dragons blood and copal resin, and cinnamon bark left in a jar ov water for a few days. Turns a dark color.
They work for me, at least.
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