Questions about AP

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Questions about AP

Questions about AP
Post # 1
1: Can you feel? Do you have any senses?

2: Can you breath or cough or any other natural body functions?

3: Can you really create realms?

4: can everyone astral project, or is just something you are born with?

5: Is it possible to astral project while you are awake?

6: Can you stay in the astral while controlling your real body?(Like sleepwalking)

7: Can you talk to dead people, or entities?

8: Is it possible to break the cord? (The thing that keeps you to your real body)

9: What is the difference between mental projection, and etheral(dont know how to spell it)projection?

Sorry if i have alot of questions..
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Re: Questions about AP
Post # 2
I'll answer what I can, from what I've learned from my own experiences.

1. You can feel and have senses, sometimes it takes practice for some senses to come and stuff. Most of the time it's like having a dream. It's not unusual to be deaf or something during your first projections.

2. You can.

4. Everyone can astral project, some learn faster than others to do it on will.

8. No.

I'll leave it to more experienced people to answer the others. (:
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Re: Questions about AP
Post # 3
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Re: Questions about AP
Post # 4

1. yes

2. yes

3. yes

4. yes

5. well the body is half awake and half asleep while AP.

6. i don't think so

7. yeah but that wont mean talking to them in real. It would be just like having a dream talking to them

8. Nah

9. I dindn't get your question..what is etheral?

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Re: Questions about AP
Post # 5
1. Yes and No. When you are 100% in the astral body, you experience a loss of touch, taste, and scent. Although, you may be able to maintain these senses IF you are in a state of "dual-conciseness" (50% astral, 50% physical)
2. You can breathe, and cough, but these are physical functions so you will not feel that you need to do either.
3. If you mean enter other landscapes and cross dimensions, then yes.
4. Anyone can astral project.
5. Yes/No. Your mind will be awake but your body will be sleeping. This is why you enter paralysis, while still in a state of consciousness.
6. No. Once again your body is paralyzed. If you think of your dense body too often while in astral form, there is a possibility of returning.
7. There are a variety of multi-dimensional being's. All are benevolent. Many have been able to talk to the dead, although that will usually only occur when that specific person is a spirit guide. Negative "entities" may appear, this is just energy, and can easily be cleansed by sending rays of light.
8. No, the chord will snap when your physical body dies.
9. No idea.
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Re: Questions about AP
Post # 6
Every one can astral project. It's about conscious through your dreams. Every one is in astral plane by our dreams every night. There are two ways to astral project. 1 - Through meditaion or through lucid dreams. When you know that your dreaming just say - I will go out of my body.
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