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spell help
Post # 1
is there a spell that will help me learn skills faster and eaiser
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Re: spell help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

You shouldn't always jump to magical solutions before the mundane, especially for things like this. The only 'spell' I recommend for this is practice and study, and in great amounts. :P

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Re: spell help
Post # 3

I dont believe there is a spell for that. i wuld learn the hard way like everybody else by learning the "basics" each day you do them it gets easier and easier.

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Re: spell help
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
No there is no "Fast Way" to learn the basics. You need to take your time and learn all of them and the right way. If you rush you will most likely miss something or not spend enough time on something. It is very important that you do things the "Right Way Not the Fast way"
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Re: spell help
Post # 5
it seems like you're new to magick :) if you are,don't jump on spells that fast.start with basics,step by step.i've seen many newbies messaging me about can't become a witch with just casting spells,it takes time.if you see some adept and knowledgeable members on this site,they have practiced and studied about witchcraft for many years,so don't be hurry
"The basics of magick are hallowing (circle casting), grounding energy, centering yourself, energy manipulation, correspondences, meditation, and much more. If you click the articles tab on this site you will find a great majority of the basics laid out in article format. I also suggest True Magick by Amber K. It is a great book to start with. Remember if you are really interested in magick, then you will put forth the effort to study it. Read articles, read books, and ask questions. Make sure you also keep an open mind. Good luck and be blessed."

taken by Heide_Licht's post.since i am too lazy to type it by myself xD

hope i helped
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Re: spell help
Post # 6
I am gonna reply anyway. I respect and agree the fact, that you shouldn't use magic for everything. But, then again apart from messing with free will, its all fair.
I'll post a spell from my Book of Shadows, I think i took it from everythingunderthemoon site.
It helps me to calm down before a lesson for sure,
Tools : White candle,charge it with your favorite oil. Sandalwood stick.
"With this fire igniting my memory,
set this knowledge a blaze in me,
everything i learn today shall i retain,
every word, every diagram, shall stain in my brain,
and as i gaze upon the flame,
may the godesses help me know what,
i need to soak into my brain,
so, mote it be"
(Say it 3 times, let the candle burn out)
Focus on the candle and imagine a blue color light around your head opening it up to new knowledge.
Hope it helps!:)xx
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Re: spell help
Post # 7
Skills will develop over time. People tend to rush into magick and lose interest after their very first spell was ineffective. My advice; broaden your view. Spend more time in nature or meditation. These are overlooked but are both important parts of magick.
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