Your chakras

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Your chakras
Post # 1
Here I've posted the seven main chakras, I find that modern-day spiritualism works only with the "upper chakras" while forgetting the rest, in order to have a good chakra level they all must be balanced, also I am new to this site so if this post is a bit off please tell me this is out of my own information, the chakras were originally in Sanskrit.

The Crown chakra is often shown in a purple or violet color it is centered at the top of your head and it governs inspiration and beauty And I think creativity,
If it is weak it often leads to headaches,depression,alzeimhers,epilepsy and a few others.

When this is strong it creates, great leaders.

It's word in Sanskrit is Sahasrasa

The third eye chakra.
Is also known as the brow chakra this is often depicted as an indigo color,
It has areas in mysticism,intuition and understanding, when closed it creates migraines, headaches,sinus problems,Ear problems and tension, it makes an intuitive, a truth seeker and fearless.

It's word in Sanskrit is Ajna

Blue is the troat chakras color, if it is weak it causes asthma It governs knowledge and health, If strong it creates a loyal tactical,inventive and careful man.

It's Sanskrit word is vishudda

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Re: Your chakras
Post # 2
The heart chakra
Is green, when it's weak it leads to heart diseases and A.I.D.S. Also breast cancer, when strong It creates a sympathetic and Compassionate person,

It's word in Sanskrit is Anahata

Yellow is the solar plexus chakra
When it is weak it leads to diabetes and liver cancer, when strong it crafts an optimistic and caring person.

It's word in Sanskrit is manipura
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Re: Your chakras
Post # 3
Orange is the color of the sacral Chakra
When weak it leas to testicular cancer and ovation cytes when strong it leads to an energetic sporty person.

It's word in Sanskrit is Swadhisthana

Red is the color of the root chakra
It leads to a grounded feeling when it's weak it has the effect of everything changing fast

Its word in Sanskrit is Muladhara

Here are some links on this

I hope this helped.
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Re: Your chakras
Post # 4
That is verry interesting and it makes sence... That would explane a whole heck alot a things. :)
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