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Guide to SoM
Post # 1
So, you are new here, correct? You also want to know about magick, Wicca, or Pagan beliefs, correct? Well, first thing is first, you must first know how to navigate this site, know the rules, enforce them, and then you may begin to ask your questions and learn.

[The Site Tabs]
***Spells~ This section contains the many spells people have created. Some are real and some are not. Once you learn, you will know which ones are real and which ones are not.

Articles~ These contain the many articles people in covens have put up.

Videos~ These contain the magickal based videos by various members of this site.

Fortunes~ This is the section where you can ask MORA a question (she is computer based, keep in mind), find out your numerology and I believe you can get your horiscope here.

Groups~ This is the section which shows you all the covens that are inactive or active. You may join a coven that is suited to your magickal beliefs or practices.

Forums (You are here now)~ This section contains the various sections where you can ask your magickal questions. Be sure to put your question in the right section (if you don't the moderators will move it to the appropriate section). Do not ask anything stupid, have proper grammar, and do be logical.

Members~ This section contains all of the members of this site.

FAQ's~ This section contains questions you may have about magick.

[Your Profile]
This is where you tell us a little about yourself, put up a picture, and put up sites where you can be found. To do this, click on edit, which is on the same boarder as your name. You can also set it so you can see the current moon phase, calander, favorite spells and favorite forum postings. Keep your bio clean and your profile picture clear. You also have an photo album in which you may post photos of any kind there. Keep it clean. Note that some covens require you have a completed profile.

To mail someone, click on their name. When you reach the person's profile, you will see tabs on top of their name. Click mail. It is appropriate to have a proper subject, and compose a decent message with proper grammar. Some people like me do not tolerate mail with just a simple hi, or without a subject. Keep mind of that.

[The Chatter]
Before you are able to chat with others, you must take a test. Let me tell you now that you will absolutely fail if you just click agree to everything. Read the rules. Follow them. If you do not you will get gagged and will be prevented from chatting, mailing and posting in the forums.

The moderators enforce the rules. You cannot go against their ruling. You are gagged for a reason, and if you argue with a mod you can get gagged for that reason. If you ask to be a mod, they will reply 'By not asking.'

If you are in a coven, you will have a coven chat as well, if you get gagged you will also be prevented from chatting in the coven chat.

There are two ways to chat. The mini chat and the full screen one. You should not have both open as you will lose messages.

If you have read all of this then you should have a good standing. You may also go to the newbie central to learn more about this site.

***There are spells that are real and fake. Spells that clain to transform you into something like a vampire, mermaid, or werewolf are fake. Spells like to time travel, teleport, or change your hair color are also fake.

I hope this is able to help you.

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