On Tarots by an Esoterist

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On Tarots by an Esoterist
Post # 1
Tarot Cards are used by many people to see the future, but can they see the future? Universe is build on the Greek Number F (1,618) which Greeks discovered that number and humans are created with the same number F ( 1,618) . Universe is infite , that means it has many possibilities, some of you who claim that they actually see the future accurately I want to be kind enough to tell you that you do not see the future but you take a possibility of it ( a possibility out of billions possibilities) and claim that you see the future as how it is ( Possibilities is another thing , a long topic I do not have time to introduce here). In the Universe , where things are unlimited and neutral , some of the humans ( Humans are unworthy of trust) make money by claiming they can see the future. Now dear reader you will question how you can see the future? Who can read tarots? On this earth maybe 3 or 4 people can read the tarots, why? Because they are what we call in Esoterism Inner Initiated . They did the inner or Internal Initiation. How do you do the internal initiation? You have to train your consciousness and you train it by meditating. It won't come up in 2 days of meditating , it takes years and you won't know when it's time and when it isn't. Now back to tarots, Inner Initiated People can use the tarot cards and see the future, these people do not just come up on a forum and show themselves to us with a topic saying That they are born inner initiated , that's an idiot who tries to make money and draw attention. I hope I made clear how tarot cards work. Thank you for taking time to read this.
P.S. : For these people who are gonna argue with this post and claim that I am a fluff who says they can't read the tarot cards well Good Luck to them ... they will need it
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