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Post # 1
Last night i got a dream. I laugh and thought this won't happen in my life. But today the dream becomes true. I am very surprised. What does it mean? I am confused.
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Re: Dream
Post # 2
Our dreams are normally our subconsciousness way of dealing with things we've delt with through out the day, like a fight you had. maybe you had something you wish you would have said, so in your dream it would indirectly replay that fight and allow you to say it and show you the possible out-come of it. but on a rare note wail in sleep you may tape into things that maybe about to happen. like myself about two months before my dog passed away I had a dream that showed me crying and sobbing uncontrollably on the 18th of December, but I had not been shown in the dream what made me cry, i didn't really think too much of it but on the 18th of December my dog died in my arms. So I can't help but feel my dream had shown me what was about to happen now. so sometimes we get to see our near happenings but most the time we don't, that's all.
Now if things like this continue, I'd start keeping a dream log and seeing "JUST" how accurate your dreams are. You may have a gift.
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Re: Dream
Post # 3
Thank you..........,
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Re: Dream
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: Dream
Post # 5
Dreams also show you what paths to choose and what not to choose and who to hang out with and not to hang out with also they can tell you if your boyfriend is cheating on you as well. I had a dream that my mom said we were going to get chickens while we were in the car. The next day my mom said in the car we were going to get chickens. Your dreams also tell you your futchure and show symboles of your personality and explaining what is going on. I hope my dream information will help you. go to dream dictionary to interpret your symboles and find your hidden secrets. :)
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