ned a help urgents....

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ned a help urgents....
Post # 1
hi,too all friend of spellsofmagic,i write to this forum cause i ne a helps,in my mind thinking,it was someone "yellow hair guy" was come and find me,at same time i also find him,but we dnt know each other,he find me thought energy or smthing.i also got dream/clue of it,i also got picture draw by someone spellsofmagic,i wish all friend from spellsofmagic can help me,i got upload the picture of tat guy on my photo on my spellsofmagic,and i hope everyone can help me of this problem,please help me,i find this guy also got reason..i wish i can find him as well,hope u all can help me,thank you
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Re: ned a help urgents....
By: / Novice
Post # 2
ok, bit run together but i think i understand. you've never met this person but they fill your mind? had a similar issue almost my whole life. it's probably your mind making up the perfect person for you. dreaming about being in love is typically a result of waking emotions spilling into your dreams, so if you don't feel someone loves you, your subconscious will make up for it. same goes with if you're crazy in love with someone.

could also be someone from a past life, a spirit contacting you, or [what you're probably hoping for] it's a premonition of someone you'll one day meet. [final option, doubtful, some people can enter our dreams. takes a lot of practice though.] can't say for certain which it is, so try to meditate on the person, try a pass life regression. the next time you see/dream of the person, try to talk to him, ask who he is, see if he's a spirit or whatever. it can be difficult to start controlling your dreams, but it's a neat trick to know. i spoke to the person once, he didn't want to answer me, but he said i know him well, so i'm guessing it's my subconscious.
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Re: ned a help urgents....
Post # 3
hope all friend can help me.
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Re: ned a help urgents....
Post # 4
oh i see,hes probly your soulmate me and mine had plans to meet up last time i died and met him here somwhere lol,reality is stranger then fiction,you have a picture get his name or search for him in a dateing service ,or wait till the universe makes it happen , we are drawn to each other seek and you will find blessed be
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