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Remember to...
Post # 1
Remember to research the herbs that you are going to use. Make sure you are using them in the right ways and you are not doing anything wrong. Researching the herbs you are going to use is vital because some herbs are very poisonous and can result in death, such as the herb Belladonna. Even common herbs like Cinnamon can have a negative effect on you. Cinnamon can irritate the skin if used in succession. All it takes is a quick search to find out the information about the herb.

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Re: Remember to...
Post # 2
I remember when I first started out and used herbs. I used the wrong one and it blew up in my face. I smelled like peppermint afterwards. So yeah listen to SeekedxDawn!

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Re: Remember to...
Post # 3
Also make sure you are not allergic to any as some people are allergic to certain herbs.
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Re: Remember to...
Post # 4
Researching is also very important as many herbs can be listed under several names! Using SeekedxDawn's example of Belladonna; Belladonna has over a dozen differen folk names... so make sure you know for a fact you have the proper herb. you could be unintentionally using the incorrect herb or worse, accidentally using a herb that could seriously harm you.
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Re: Remember to...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I would like to add that if somebody is about to recommend or use herbs they need to do the research too .Within this research should be included :

-Safe doses (for any type of gender and age ).
-Contraindications (if any ) for gender ,age ,pregnant or breastfeeding .Contraindication ,in case that individual has certain disorders or allergies ,which contradict/contraindicate the herb .Some herbs used along with medication (synthetic drug ) can cause further complications or neutralize the drug .

- Botanical name along with as many folk names as the author can get hold on .

-Mention if the chemical compounds of the herbal remedy are reacting with sunlight or not .

-Beneficial effects of the drug .According medicine research or simply according the folklore and experience of the past generations .It is important to mention on which of both this claim is based .They are both valid ,but folklore wisdom backed up with scientific research is more trustworthy and reliable ,than on its own .

-Possible side effects which can be expected (if any ).Again it is important to mention both folklore and scientific knowledge ,when this is possible .

Lets not forget that we are chemistry and all around us is chemistry .

Using already synthetic drug to heal something and adding herbs may not give you exactly better result ,but they can give you overdose and unknown chemical reactions ,which can trigger various side effects .

So be wise ,be responsible !

Do you research folklore and scientifically wise ,before taking any herbs internally .And keep in mind some herbs are not safe externally too for they may cause skin irritation .

So do not go drink or eat that herb ,because a video on YouTube told you so .Do not put things on your skin ,again because someone else said it is safe .

Always do your own research and allergy test, before really applying topically or taking anything herbal .

To all authors, who often contribute to this forums, I will strongly recommend to make good research ,before advising people in threads .

I also appeal to all people to be responsible in their actions too and think for the possible damage their advice can cause, if it has been misunderstood or because some information as side effects have been left out of the equation .

Quick research may leave you with not enough information ,which can be crucial for your age ,state (pregnant ) ,medical condition and overall health and safety .

Find out as much information you can find from reputable sources such books and online sources, which are generated or created from some medical or nutritional organisation .Book preferably should have been written by certified herbalists with medical background .
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Re: Remember to...
Post # 6
Also good to remember that just because an herb/oil is safe topically, doesn't mean it's safe to ingest...or vice versa. A lot of times, pure undiluted essential oils are extremely toxic either way, so always always always make sure to do your research before hand! I learned that the hard way when I got some essential oil for candle anointing purposes; I knew I couldn't eat/drink the oil in any way (I didn't want renal failure, thank you), so I figured it'd be safe enough to just handle with my hands. Handling the essential oil like that actually changed the composition of my skin's natural oil, and I rashed out horrendously. Wasn't that the oil was poisonous or toxic upon contact or anything, but the undiluted quality was just too much for my skin to (literally) handle. After asking around to some friends I knew who handled that kind of oil too, I found out it was just a personal issue - nobody else was getting rashes from handling the oil. So that's another thing to take into consideration: knowing your own body. If you have sensitive skin, don't chance it! Never be afraid of asking your doctor and/or dermatologist before handling/ingesting any kind of herb or essential oil stuffs.
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