Meditation Technique

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Meditation Technique
Post # 1
I remember when i started i had some trouble with meditation but then this method really helped me first if you want you can load up the youtube link at the bottom of this thread it is shamanic drumming with binureal beats and helps allot with meditation once your relaxed, Anyway to get really relaxed just sit there and start meditating and try to just sit there like your dead and get really comfortable then start visualizing a warm yellow ball of energy at your toes slowly making its way up your body as this ball passes it helps you relax that part of your body let the ball go up your feet to your shoulders and pass it down through your arms then back to your shoulders then to your other arm and finally keep it at you neck and head if you can while doing this visualize the ball literally calming your bones and tight joints, if you get good at this meditation will be even more relaxing as it already is and can really encourage you to stay in meditation for longer the next part is what to do once you are finished with this technique and listening to the track.

Ok so if youve decided to listen to the track the top technique will be a little harder due to sound interrupting but if you should try it anyway click the link below to load the video and make sure its completely finished you dont want it buffering half way through it just ruins the whole meditation, so anyway once the music starts just sit there trying to catch the beat and soon itll go into the drums just try and keep an even breathing pattern as you feel the beat and just try focus on the blackness of your eyelids so no thoughts pop in once you start feeling the beat and vibration it makes meditation can get into a deeper stage which would probably help you astral project either way im not up to a deeper stage yet im not up to a very deep stage but i can do these both decently well and meditation gets really really relaxing just try not to fall asleep ;)

here is the link to the drumming
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Re: Meditation Technique
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Sounds great will have to give it ago
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