Wolves Tooth

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Wolves Tooth
Post # 1
I have a wolves tooth (I bought it, I did not just pick it off of the ground) and was wondering what it's symbolism and magical properties were. I tried looking it up on google but was unable to get a clear answer. I want to use my wolves tooth in magick but I need to know what I can use it for first. :)
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Re: Wolves Tooth
Post # 2
you can use the tooth as a symbol for the wolf spirit which can help you in numerous spells and rituals. One such spell is to use the wolf spirit energy in healing by visualizing the energy hunting down and killing the cause of the pain, or illness like it hunts down it's prey.
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Re: Wolves Tooth
Post # 3
That's perfect! Especially since I'm doing a lot of work in healing now. :) Thank you!
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Re: Wolves Tooth
Post # 4
That is a great answer brockware88. Perhaps, if you read this post, you could answer a question for me...

I have the talon of a red-tailed hawk. The son of my best friend found it and gave it to me, it was still fresh, so I wrapped it around a stone and let it cure, it is magnificent and potentially dangerous- talons are very sharp! What kind of magic should I use this in?

This is off subject, sort of, but I hear feathers are great in ritual and magic as well. Try to identify what bird they came from. Also, if you find them in nature be sure to handle them with care; put them in a plastic bag, put bag in freezer for a week, wash hands. Reason being, lice is common to the avian population.

Atarikus (Mark)
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Re: Wolves Tooth
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I too have a hawk foot and I attached it to the hawk feather I have with a cord ov sinew. I use this to fan herbs while I smudge as well as to cleanse myself before ritual work.
And I have used it as a connection to my hawk guide for spirit work and to more easily except messages from spirits.
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