The name is Blut

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The name is Blut
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Well, Ive been considering writing an introduction for a couple days, but have no real idea what to say. So, please bare with me as I bore you to sleep with my post. Firstly, my screen name is Blut, which is blood in german. (I'm not really sure why I even chose this name.) I have been practicing/studying magick the majority of my life,(Its one of the first things I looked up when I got on the internet.) but I only commited myself about three years ago. Since I commited myself to magick, I have been searching for a path that I can feel is truly for me. I feel now that I am truly close to finding that path I so long for. Now, if by some miracle you managed to stay awake through all of that I would like to go into what I study/have studied and practice/practiced. Over these years of searching my magickal practice and studies have been very erratic. I've read some on Shamanism, a tiny bit on Kemeticism (probably spelled wrong), various mythologies and practices, sigils, shielding/advanced shielding, healing, a little on angels and demons, various techniques dealing with energy manipulation, servitors, and many other things. I am however no where adept at any of those things, or anything else for that matter, however I am willing to help with what little I do know, as long as you're willing to ask.

Now, as I'm sure most of you are asleep, or have given up reading this post, I will thank eveyone who had the patience/attention span to read my introduction. Remember, my mailbox is always open to questions and suggestions, just don't try to force your beliefs on me. I can be quite rebelious.
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Re: The name is Blut
Post # 2

Welcome Blut! Glad to see you here! Your introduction was interesting but not boring to the point of inducing sleep lol. Great name by the way.

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