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Satan's Keep
Post # 1

Upon the creation of this site, I have made it my personal mission to teach upon different and controversial topics of the Left Hand Path. There are some who say it is "devil worship" and even fake, but even more so there are those who need to hear the words of their personal truths. With this being said, I would like to extend a warm welcome to those new and old to the path for here there is much to be learned.

Within the pages of this website, people many of different levels of knowledge may interact and teach what they know as well. This is a community.

Thank you,

Fafen Quaal

P.S. The url to the website is This is a site mainly for Satanists but those of the occult are welcomed as well.
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Re: Satan's Keep
Post # 2
merry meet ,this sounds fun,my beliefs on satan is hes GOD the father lol .ok i believe dianus crossed over to be dis, or as the strega call him to lucifer,saturn etc. but DIS was an old etruscan sun god of death and the underworld, bascically ,the sun GOD died at the saturnalia harvest , and death the first winter came, and the sun GOD went to the underworld brought death to the world. when the sun goes away everything wither and dies. the desent of the GODDESS to the underworld where she finds him after surrendering her garments to the gardians and her neckless of birth to him. and he says to her in the( great mysteries) "Have you truly seen my two faces for a time our children will come to me and then i give them rest and rebirth' etc. and gave his neckless to her the neckless of rebirth.I noticed in the bibble it speaks of the GODDESS to, and it was her the christians called the devil even when during the inquisition we said it was her and GOD lol a really meany christian told me saturn is satan lol. but thats what i believe about hecate and lucifer the GODDESS of the moon and the GOD of the sun who gives us birth life death and rebirth satan is just one of his many names blessed be )O(
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