Egypt, Heaven & pastlife?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Egypt, Heaven & pastlife?

Egypt, Heaven & pastlife?
Post # 1
Ok, so I've had odd dreams all my life but these seem more real than odd. Now I know in dreams they constantly shift and one minute the dream seems normal and the next weird and disturbing or sometimes comical thing's happen the next. But a year ago I had a dream that I had entered a pyramid like building and inside were ton's of people ranging from young to old. I met with a tall, white, black haired blue eyed man I've associated as my protector or guide. He walked me over to a wall where another person was standing. They pulled out a door that resembled a Morgue's and they pulled out the pale body of a women in Victorian attire. They showed me in a past life that she was my wife and I had found her cheating on me with 3 other men at the same time, I walked in on the act actually. I ran out of the building and it looked like a western type setting. She screamed "John, please!!" But before she could say anything else I shot her and then myself. It was all so fast pace that that's the only information I got. Then in a recent dream I met him again and there was a foot of fog where ever you went. The sun was shining bright like it does in the morning and every where there were Egyptian people sitting and wearing heavy make up, light see through silk and gold here and there on them. Feeding each other food and wine, socializing some were even becoming romantic with each other. My guide just sat there talking to me like it was completely normal. Yes,these might just be dreams and nothing more but i just find them odd. I want people with what they experienced. Whether moving on and where you go is the same for everyone or different. I DON'T WANT LECTURES AND TEACHING! I just want other's experiences and even advice but not someone telling me what's on the other side or analyzing this post like a teacher does homework. No offense but I don't want theory's, I want to hear others experiences no matter how bizarre! :)
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Re: Egypt, Heaven & pastlife?
Post # 2
In the past i've had two dreams that MAY have had parts of memories from two past lives,in the first on,i was either in egypt or persia(sorry if i spelled it wrong),or somewhere with deserts,my name was jade i think,and i was arranged to be merried to a boy who was a lot younger then me,and we disliked each other very much,i tried different ways to avoid merrying him,white,somehow included trying to kill my own mother,and in the other one,all i know if i the my father murdered me,i don't know why,or how though,i don't even know if i was a he or a she.
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