DarK Shadow

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DarK Shadow
Post # 1
I am very new to this Site but not new to the Magic. I have ran up on something I have no idea about tho its Mean is all I can say. I have not fooled with magic in a long time and it has got me looking for ways to make it leave my friend alone I can tell when it is near and I can also tell it does not like me at all.

But here goes with what I have seen and done so far and what I know so any ideas on what to do is more then welcome :)

My friend was telling about this presents of a Dark Shadow that has been with her in 4 homes she has lived in she has not took nothin from home to home cause of other reasons that has nothing to do with this dark shadow other then her, herself. She says it started many years ago when her girl was very young under the age 7 she is fixing to turn 21 now so you can do the math there. it stays in corners, hisses, whispers, as well late at nite it makes her feel as if someone very big and heavy is on top of her trying to rape her here just a few days ago it pinched her in several locations on her body waking her up from sleep she now has a small boy witch is right around 18 mo old he screams and crys for no reason at all when in her room take him out and he feels better and calms down. Yesterday myself and my 2 sons ages 7 and 10 was there spending time with her and her lil boy my kids said they felt sick in her room but just her room and that they always felt as if some one was watching them when they are in the second story part of the house. thats when she started telling me about every thing and I let her in on what I knew. I then figured to do a protection spell over her and her son I did so but when I went up stars to where all the kids where and picked up her son witch is my god son and did the spell with her and him and no longer did i step out of the room my 7 yr old comes out with a bloody nose saying it felt like something hit him and under his eyes was red and puffy like he was crying witch he wasn't so I did another that i had wrote many years ago for children in my family my kids no longer said they felt sick and my son nose stopped bleeding as fast as it started the baby stopped crying and started playing with the other kids. My 10 year old looks at me and says mom we are not alone if you know what i mean witch i did so any ideas on this i have not tried to banish it yet cause im not sure of what it could be and where its been with her for so long i just dont know.
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Re: DarK Shadow
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well it could be a shadowman, though i've never met one who atacks people in such a manner. my friend has one in her house she can't really get rid of. it's attached to her father and it feeds off his depression, when her fathers in a deep depression it's too strong to dispel. the other option is a type of demon perhaps, it could be a powerful spirit, but i think it's a demon just because of your story.

working with the belief you're telling the truth, it'll be hard and time consuming, but with both cases you need to purify, protect, and cleanse every inch of the house and everyone dwelling inside. if she believes in another religion, you could call up a religious leader to bless the house.

if your friend is a witch as well, and you know other witches, try and get them all together just to add to the energy. first, she [and anyone helping] should have a quick sea salt bath to wash away all negative energy. open all the doors and windows in the place, and move all the furniture outside, cleaning it with a sea salt and rosemary brew [or a similar cleansing mixture] take a broom [a besom used for cleansing would be best] and sweep the floors from the middle of the room out, either chanting or thinking 'get out' or a similar protective chant. with each sweep, visualize white light taking place of black light. wash the floor from the middle out, with the same brew you used on the furniture, saying the chant again. if her place is carpeted, spread sea salt all over the carpets and vacuum it up [center of the room out]

finally, take sage smudge and waft the smoke into every inch of the house [focus in the corners and areas energy could hide] saying again, a protection chant. you could move the furniture back in at this point, or sit in each room and visualize a white light entering it and shielding the area. when done in each room, shut the window and close the door behind you. once everything is back in place, try to smudge with sage daily for a month just to be on the safe side, since whatever the thing is had been following her for so long. also, she should charge and shield herself and her home daily, and try to have a cleansing sea salt bath once a week.

other things she should do is wear a protection charm and hang a few in her home. as i said before if she's not pagan, she can use whatever symbol works for her. this is why many Christians hang crucifixes near or over doorways in their homes, to keep out negative beings. read up on cleansing rituals to find a suitable one, as well as try to figure out what the being is.
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Re: DarK Shadow
Post # 3
thanks you i will get with her she is not a witch but she does know about it and think it is real im going to get here a protective charms that i have got for other friends that do really well it just really scares me with the small child in the house that it may harm him cause she had her palm read once and a card reading as well that said she had a dark spirit following her that don't like boys he is a very angry spirit and this is news i just now got told from her brother moments ago when we was talking about her card reading and things he told me about that fact i do know other witches some thats been at it longer then my self so i will ask for them to help
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Re: DarK Shadow
Post # 4
I've not heard of shadow person hurting this way. I have seen many, and they are usually just watchers, some protect, some are waiting for a person to pass. Since it seems connected to a person, I would do a personal cleansing, and then the house. Using sage, smudge the house, going counterclockwize, and get to every corner and then to the door. You can repeat this using a besom, then hang the besom over or near the door to keep it out. Now for the person, a cleansing salt water bath. I would burn sage while in the bath. While doing all of this, picture the dark leaving, being replaced with bright protective light. Having both of you do this makes it even stronger. Then a sage smudge every day to keep it out. You can use a protective charm or pendant for the person to wear. Put up a protection sigil or sign in the bedrooms. Tell this shadow that this is your house, your body, and you do not give permission for it to be here.., go in peace and leave us be. This can be your chant as you do the cleansing.
I hope this helps. More problem, feel free to mail me, as I had to do this to me and my house. Also, after the house ckeansing, put salt at all the openings to the house; windows, doors. This will keep them out. Blessed Be...
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Re: DarK Shadow
Post # 5
SORRY! LOL not a demon demons are NOT EVIL! they dont have time a day to stay around lol..Its prob a powerful spirit
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Re: DarK Shadow
Post # 6
Your friend should get some help from local priest. But here is a sugestion on what she should do that the high priest suggests us:
- Burry st benidict crucafixes in all corners of the outside of house
-Hang crosses by every door
-Have at least one st benidict crusafix in the house
St. Benidict Crucafixes are verry powerful and can be activated under the comand but to tell you I am not allowed to tell you what the benidic means (sorry catholic rules sometimes there are consinquences for telling what it means)if your if you have a religon there are rules to haveing them sence the st benidict crucafixes are verry powerful ask a chatholic/christan priest. I can give you history on them and there miricles if you'd like just email me for more information about them if you need more info :) or interested in them :)
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Re: DarK Shadow
Post # 7
I find out more and more from her each time I go back she informed me that this all started after some of her girl friends and there men was playing with a Ouija board she stated that she didnt like the idea of them bringing one into her home but thats is when every thing started. Sense I have done a protection spell over her and her baby as well as my kids she has gotten more rest and has had more engery then she has had in a long time as well as her baby has sleep through the nite for the first time sense that day he was born. Im still going to get her the besom for her house and do a deeper cleansing of it to make sure it all is bless it be
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