Blue Energy

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Blue Energy
Post # 1
Hello everyone and have a happy new year (it's a little late for that, but it doesn't matter). I have a question... Well, it's more like an observation. First of all, I'm an empath and I have noticed something very wierd. I usually do energy manipulation exercises and meditation every day, and I noticed that every time for a little time, something like a blue energy "sparks are appearing. After a little time, I feel a lot of anger without having a reason to be angry and turn very aggressive for a short of time. After that I feel that I'm out of faith and alone, but after a while I'm all good. I found out that this problem appeared again on people on the street, with the same results. So, my question is that if someone have seen something like that or had a feeling of it.... or at least, any suggestions what could that be. I think it was quite detailed. Thanks for any response. Blessed be.
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Re: Blue Energy
Post # 2
is this spark only show up in meditation or at random Times and do you get angry when not seeing the spark
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Re: Blue Energy
Post # 3
Im empathic and I see sparks and friction in my field of view all the time, it's the energy that I always see in the atmosphere that also aids when I look at people's auras. Have you noticed any presences around you that aren't physically there? Maybe your being latched onto by a negative energy or spirit? Or you could be taking in too much of other people's negative energy and not properly shielding yourself when being faced with people in everyday life. You can imagine a veil of healing protective light surrounding you to keep other people's emotions and negativity from affecting you in an unhealthy way. Like a filter.

Hope this helps and I hope you feel a little better. :)
God Bless and Blessed be~!
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Re: Blue Energy
Post # 4
That was useful, but there's a problem. I recognize that this kind of energy isn't negative, because it feels comfortable at the beginning. It changes after the first feeling, but the wierd thing is that it doesn't vent negative, it just brings you the second feeling of being angry.
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Re: Blue Energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I believe it to be part of what you see because you are an energy worker. I've heard. others describing blue color, including spark during and /or after magickal work. So I believe that you are okay. Blessed be...
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