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Poppet Magick
Post # 1
What arr your thoughts on poppet magick?
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Re: Poppet Magick
Post # 2

Cory and Laine, from New World Witchery have some great dialogue on it.

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Re: Poppet Magick
Post # 3
merry meet,i think they need to quit useing it on me lol,no seriously in ancient times we would build effigys or idols useing their correspondances for magic, like at the saturnalia.its fine for healing but nowadays evil meany witches use it for voodoo and fill a likeness of the person like for like with herbs depending on your desire,such as rosemary, fennel, and garlic for healing, protection,good dreams etc, put their hair for its hair ,cloths for its cloths,perfume for its,etc. and you perform a like desire so like will befall the person,like rubbing it with garlic to heal them then you can feed the garlic to them lol . like for like and like produces like.its fine if its used for good ,blessings
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Re: Poppet Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 4
like arduan3 said, you make the doll in the likeness of said person, hopefully get some sort of personal item [hair/clothes/nail clippings] and stuff the doll with them along with herbs to aid in the desired intent. [healing, hexing, love] in this way, yes, poppets are a strong and effective form of magic.

the problem however is societies view on poppets. thanks to the common knowledge of voodoo practices, people believe that any doll in their image means you're cursing them. this is, of course, not true at all. even the needles, you're charging each needle with intent. say someone has a bad back, you charge the needles with healing energy and stab the spot where the pain is. pull out the needle, and hopefully, the pain will be less, or gone. while i don't work with poppets, i do see it as a strong and effective form of magic, just has a lot of misconceptions with it.
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