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Post # 1

I would like to say thankyou for petraca Making this website half of use would not know what to do if this site was not her, so i have written this post to say thankk to pet and all the mods that have kept this site under control, well done,

we know it took you a few years to get this site as big as it is now.

we are just so pleased to have this site.

blessed be


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Post # 2
Alright, so, are you thanking Pet and the mods on the behalf of all the site, or is there a particular we you are thanking them for?

To me, I love this site, I have been a member here for a while now, and there is a long list of reasons why I come back. I originally joined this site to find friendship, to have people more knowledgeable than I guide me in my path, and whether intentional or not, they have. Pet, mods, and members alike have effected me to the point where I would not recognize myself if I went back to when I first joined.

Yes, Pet and the mods should be thanked, and they aren't thanked nearly enough for all the work they do, but thanking them in the way you are, is not really showing how grateful you, or anyone else for that matter, is. You are assuming that the site needs to thank them in such an obvious way, when they are already thanked. Spend some time in the chat with a troll, when a mod comes on and removes them, they are thanked by ordinary, average members, just for doing what they are meant to do. They were put into that position to do that job, to keep the site clean and happy, or mostly so. And that is what they do. Pet does his job as well, in that he keeps this site running, and he constantly makes changes to it, whether we see it or not, to make the site easier for us to use.

They have always done as they were meant to, and they will continue to do so for all of us, including themselves. But Magick, you don't need to post this to let them know. Just help out in chat when you can like the rest of us do, and when you can't, know when to stop so you don't feed the trolls and fluffs. Make your own topic good enough to drown out the silliness. It's a way to help them out.

And, you forgot a very important part of all this teamwork, the regular members; whether they be on every day or only on once in a long while. We are the backbone of the site, we are where the mods come from, and we are the ones Pet and the mods work for. They all work towards making this site a place to learn and grow; they make this place for us. We aren't to be forgotten, and we aren't to be taken for granted. Without this backbone, the site is just another site; it's not a community, it's not a family, it's not a home. Without us, what use do the mods have? What use does Pet have for the site?

This isn't just a site with an administer and moderators; it is a home, a giant coven. Please, don't forget that in your time here. :)
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By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I totally agree with what Kebs said, above .It is all about team work .I think all members who work in harmony with the site rules and in same time contribute , teach others should be thanked too,because they make moderators and Admins work easy and more enjoyable .Every human being deserves gratitude when she or she is acting with wisdom ,grace and with thought about whole community .
Think of it as big bee hive ,everyone has a role to play ,but if one of those roles were to be removed the hive would have gone downhill fast .
So since our wonderful moderators and Admin have been thanked already I would love to say huge: Thank you !
To all members who rush to come here ,after heavy working or school day to help their covens (families ),to post threads that help people in many ways .People who inspire in others the desire and the will to follow their dreams and to face with grace all odds and turns on their individual journeys .To people who felt something in their hearts and decided to pop in to ask few questions and then decided to stay ,because here feels like home .To people who helped others to laugh and love ,when other fellows needed those feelings just to make it through another day .You people deserve all love and gratitude on this world !So keep your chin up , smile and continue doing good deeds in this community ,because not everything is in vain .It does make difference and it is noticed .
Love and light to all fellow members :)Keep shining your inner light .:)
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