Spell to make a spell

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Spell to make a spell

Spell to make a spell
Post # 1
Is there any spell to write spells like: "god and goddesses please make this spell......."?
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Re: Spell to make a spell
Post # 2
You could meditate or pray to your deities to give you ideas. If you need a spell you can find many here and use one of them or make it by yourself - just do what feels right to you. Magick is often a very personal thing. And what gives power to your spell is your own belief. So don't be afraid to let your imagination go wild. ;) Good luck in you endeavors.
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Re: Spell to make a spell
Post # 3

Eventually you will always the one designing the spells so there's no point trying outlandish things. Try making your spells in the easiest way, which is simply using your imagination and your creativity. ;)

My tip is this. Take time to logically define your situation. Write this down on paper. Make an evening of it - this step is very mundane, i know, no witchy, incense smoke, magic secrets here, but leave it out at your own risk. You will use the answers to help solidify your magical intent. It's also helpful to research the magical correspondences specific to your unique situation. Fortunately the internet makes this easy. Google "magical correspondences" or something like "(money, success, protection,love, etc) spell correspondences." Alternatively, you may come across a spell kit you ressonate with. Researching correspondences is important because we are doing natural magic here, thus we need all the help from our magical world as we can get.

Words and mantras are under your choice if to use them or not, keep in mind though that you need no poetry to successfully cast a spell.

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Re: Spell to make a spell
Post # 4
Its kind of a step back when you have a spell to create your own spell . Instead what you can do is think about what you want the spell to do before you start writing anything down. You can meditate on it. Or you can take some time and focus on yourself, look deep and find the words that best go together to create the spell you want. The spell does not have to rhyme or even be that long as long as the emotion and intent is in the words you speak.
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