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Forums -> General Info -> Clairvoyance

Post # 1
Hey in my dreams i see about 5-10 seconds of the future but not enough to tell what's going on can someone help me improve that
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Re: Clairvoyance
Post # 2
How do u no it's the future x
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Re: Clairvoyance
Post # 3
Maybe you're recieving more than you think. Dream symbolism also can show you the future. Try the "Dream" section under fortunes. I haven't looked at it myself though. (I have a handy dream dictionary.)
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Re: Clairvoyance
Post # 4
Development of clairvoyant skills allows one to see beyond the three dimensional world and experience the world of spirit. Some clairvoyant people can see spirits of those who have passed away, as well as the spirits of apparitions, angels and spirit guides. Some clairvoyants can see with naked eyes auras and energy fields that surround all living beings including plants.

There are some techniques specially prescribed to improve one's clairvoyant skills . As a first step, try some simple clairvoyant exercises . When the telephone rings next time try to visualize who is calling even before you answer. Similarly imagine who is calling when the door bell rings even before you open the doors. Even if you fail initially, persist with these simple exercises and watch how you skill grows over a short period of time.

Another simple exercise is to predict what the number of the dice will be before you roll it while playing a game. It will be further nice to predict scores at your favorite sporting event or when watching a game on TV. Start by predicting the winner and as you gain confidence move on to predicting the score of each side. If you are a cricket enthusiast, you can even predict individual score of each batsman. With constant practice, one can make remarkably accurate predictions.

To develop remote viewing clairvoyant capabilities try to imagine before a business or social meeting what the color of dress the chief guest or other important invitees will be wearing. One you practice and succeed in making correct predictions, move on to greater details. But the most important thing is to be honest with yourself and not delude yourself into believing that you have acquired capabilities you have not.

Yet another amusing prediction can be - when you are inside a bar waiting to be served, try to predict what drinks the person ahead of you will order. This is a special type of exercise than can improve your intuition skills. Again, when you are inside the elevator guess which number button each new person who enters will press.

Clairvoyant capabilities can be developed with patience and constant practice. Never become desperate if you fail in the first few attempts and force the issue as they may prove counter-productive. It is the several small exercises in your day-to-day events that will help develop your intuition and allow your natural clairvoyance to blossom. Finally, if you think you have progressed well, feel free to search for different improvement method beyond that.

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Re: Clairvoyance
Post # 5
thank you everybody this is very helpful and i know it's the future because i see the 5-10 second clip the next day after i wake up. i remember it by focusing on a detail
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Re: Clairvoyance
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6

You may want to start keeping a journal of your dreams/visions. This not only helps with recollection but will also be a good reference source in the future. Sometimes previous dreams/visions can be pieced together with dreams/visions that have occurred more recently and with the more dreams/visions you have the harder it may be to remember things over time.

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