Healing magick guidance

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Healing magick guidance
Post # 1
Hello I am new to witchcraft and would love and appreciate if anyone could help me in the slightest bit with healing magick. I know many people say sometimes the best way is to learn fom your own experiences as an individual, which I know I will be faced with, but for the time being it would be nice for a teacher figure to give me a nudge in the right direction.

Thank you to all who agree to help me in my journey to become a healer :)
God bless and Blessed be~!
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Re: Healing magick guidance
Post # 2
Well...all I could give you is personal experience. I started with bio energy healing and it was very easy for me though I can't promise it will be so for you. Basically you place your hands above the person you're healing and channel your own bio energy into him/her. Usually if it is a pain you place you're hands above the place where it hurts, or above chakras if you are cleansing them, or above the persons head for healing fever. At least that's what I do.
Now this is going to sound funny but this is the exercise I do to get my energy flowing:
I clap my hands several times. This gets more blood flowing through your palms and gives you a tingling sensation. I think this helps to better feel the energy centers of your palms and makes it easier to channel energy to and trough your hands.
Hope I have been helpful and if I made a fool of myself feel free to lough and call me stupid ;)
All the best to you and good luck.
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Re: Healing magick guidance
Post # 3
I'm not laughing don't worry :) thank you for the advice and the clapping... Might help with my cold hand problems too hmmm....
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Re: Healing magick guidance
Post # 4
I think you should go and select what form of alternative healing you want to study , as there are quite a few paths of healing.

There are many different types , such as reiki , energy healing , usage of stones with your healing etc.

Narrowing down what you want to learn would aide you more than asking about it like you currently do .
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Re: Healing magick guidance
Post # 5
I see your point :) I'm going to the book store today anyways to get more insight on these different ways of healing. Again I truly am a newbie but I'll learn. Thank you for the advice!
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