Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR

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Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR
Post # 1

Sometimes when a person believes enough in what their doing, their body changes to meet the persons belief. There are some cases in women, who generally want to be pregnant so much that their body starts showing signs or pregnancy, when they actually aren't pregnant, it's called Pseudocyesis. It is the belief that you are expecting a baby when you are not really carrying a child. People with pseudocyesis have many, if not all, symptoms of pregnancy -- with the exception of an actual fetus.
This also applies to other things too, thats why people generally have the symptoms of vampirism, or mermaids or dragons, fairies, etc. You cannot become another non-existent being with magick, or become a one at all because it is not possible and they do not exist.

Re: Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR
Post # 2
We, humans, certainly have a flair for saying that things are impossible, which is more foolish than saying that seemingly impossible things are impossible.

I do not say that you are wrong, on the opposite, you are right.
We should all be aware that some things are not possible, but we should not lean too much about things being impossible.

All I want to do with this post is to tell people that saying things are impossible does not equal in impossibility.

Re: Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR
By: / Novice
Post # 3
both of you are correct to an extent. when explores first discovered the platypus people in England refused to believe such a creature could exist, so they had to return with a live one to prove it.

this is a naturally occurring creature. humans are a part of nature as well [despite how far many will distance themselves from it] magic is a part of nature as well. it cannot go against nature. as such, there are things, in nature and in magic, we as humans were not meant to do, or be. humans cannot use magic to become other things, humans cannot transform.

the mind is fascinating. i've heard of pseudocyesis, the mind can make you believe anything. this is why you need a level head, especially with magic. you need to rule out all logical conclusions before going for the mystical. so many jump right to the answer they want, and cling to that belief so tightly it's almost impossible to tear the two apart.

this all being said of course, these creatures aren't physically real. astrally they are, but even the astral can argued as an imaginary state cooked up by the mind. people need to know the difference between fantasy and reality, and while some beliefs are harmless, others can end destructively, and need to be addressed as soon as possible. personally, i hold my beliefs but i know they're not the same for everyone, which is why i stipulate before i speak of them to others these are my beliefs, i'm not going to force you to accept them as fact, and i know yoiu might think i'm crazy for having them.

Re: Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR
Post # 4
The potential of magick should not be so confined. Magickal energy is older than nature, of chaos and is limitless. No matter how silly a spell seem there's always a chance it could work if given enough belief and power, but that is just my belief. I agree with Nekoshema on that one should go though all logical explanations before going through mystical ones.You should not so readily dismiss the existance of such creatures. I have once seen a water fae(?) or jinn(?) and i went through every logical explanation i could think of (dog, deformed dog, wild dog, hyena) but none of them explained what i saw.

Re: Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR
Post # 5

I know faeries exist, I am just trying to explain that you cannot turn into one of these creatures

Re: Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR
Post # 6
Yet you say earlier that they do not exist. Our beliefs and experiences vary so i'll just leave it at that.

Re: Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR
Post # 7
that's true, sometimes even cancer patients if they believe hard enough and they tell their bodies to kill the cancer cells and to regenerate they can regenerate the blood cells and become healthy enough to live for a little while longer, some even with treatment can get rid of the disease entirely, also sometimes kind of like with the guy named patch adams you know have you seen the movie based on the real guy called patch addams with robin willaims, well he used the power of laughter to distract the cancer and dieing patients until they became healthier do to the fact their minds were distracted from their sickness, it's all about the mind thinking that it's doing something, like mind over matter can make you think or have symptoms of fake or impossible things, so a person may become like a vamp but not a real vamp like seen off of movies, and I do not believe they exist, but I also don't deny it, we are unsure of what the world has in it, for example we discovered more about the moon than what we know that lives in the ocean, so who knows what kind of creatures we haven't come across, also we still don't know what other creatures live on earth, now I am not saying it's possible that vamps exist, just that there could be a very small and slim chance that they could exist, if there's a supernatural or metaphysical power that does make people in vamps it's probably a very deep and powerful hidden knowledge that we don't know about and it's probably kept a secret for a reason, probably so people don't all become vamps and since they know they are immortal they can get away with whatever they want, anyways but I remind you I don't believe in them but I am open minded, I believe everyone should be open minded especially if they are into magick, but anyways I am not saying people have to be open minded, I am just suggesting it. Anyways got to go.

Re: Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR
Post # 8
Alright, I don't say or think that things are impossible.
There is one main issue I have with this post.
Just because you haven't seen one, does not mean it is not real.
I am not talking about the spell working, or the mind tricks.
I am talking about saying that fairies and dragons, ect., are not real.
Other than that, yes, I still think it may be possible, but only in certain cases, not you do a spell and the next day get symptoms.

Re: Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR
Post # 9
I was talking about the first post, by the way.

Re: Fantasy Spells DO NOT WOR
Post # 10
Dragon magic not fantasy why would they be on the site if they don't work

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