Recovering Plants

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Recovering Plants
Post # 1
Hey i wanna help tree which is about to die i mean it's crust is very exhausted i tried to give it positive energy but it looks like it didn't help so i need recovering spells also i think that i can't help plant because i have no bonds with earth element (My elements are water and air)
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Re: Recovering Plants
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well, sometimes magic can't help. like a human with a terminal illness, magic cannot cure it. it can help ease it, but cure it probably not.

do you know what's wrong with the tree? there could be something to help it already. you could try making some kind of healing brew, mix in some 20-20-20 [plant food] and pour it around the base of the tree. keep up with the healing energy though, try meditating under it to see if you can connect with earth better and give it more energy. just remember, everything dies eventually, sad as it might be, at some point, you've got to let nature take its course.
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Re: Recovering Plants
Post # 3
Yeah Neko-sama i will try to give it healing energy but it takes full part of my power and then when i am out of magical power i am very dizzy and sleepy but it's not matter because i wanna learn how to recover trees and plants ^^ this tree was very big and my grandfather cut it besides tree has rusty iron stick in it's body we tried to pull out this stick but we couldn't because this stick is driven in trees body we hoped that on the tree there would sprout some new twigs but we were it's 4th year already we can't get fruit from this tree because it is dry :(
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Re: Recovering Plants
Post # 4

I agree with Nekoshema, that would be a good course of action to take in order to help the tree and that in the end everything dies.

However, I would like to propose an alternative solution. If the tree proves to be incurable then it might be beneficial to stop trying to fix something broken and rather get something new. When the tree next produces seeds, try to channel the very essence of the tree into one of the seeds. When the seed ready, plant it in a pot and nurture the tree that comes from it. When the tree is strong enough, plant it somewhere so that a new tree may grow and produce another lifetime of everlasting beauty.

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Re: Recovering Plants
Post # 5
Thanks a lot but i i just thought i could help tree :)))
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