Element control

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Element control
Post # 1
Hi im kinda new to the magic realm and I wanted to know if there are any spells that will let me control the environment. For example, I have a water power that I can control and bend to my will. This is probably stupid to ask but I want to hear from actual people.
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Re: Element control
Post # 2

magick is much different from the tv bull it is a spirtual practice and it involves connecting with certain things example the gods nature elements spirits and etc it is not all that crazy stuff on syfy and other things research it magick with the k

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Re: Element control
Post # 3
As told by others many times,"you cannot control the elements,you cannot change your dna etc.",the answer to you question is also no.Magick is of spiritual practise.Magick doesnt allow anyone to alter the nature.If someone does tell you that he can bend element or make it rain,its all fake.They are just pretenders loitering to gain fame by the majority of people who believes they are telling the truth.See magick the other way.Other than these control/change etc.,things,magick can help you do many things.Just choose the right path,have faith in yourself and believe in magick,and you can work wonders.
Blessed be.
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Re: Element control
By: / Novice
Post # 4
while being able to control and element like on Avatar the Last Airbender would be awesome, magic doesn't work that way i'm afraid. you can become attuned with the elements, learn to work with them, better understand them, but control them you cannot.

try meditating near a flame, or outside, by a stream, or on a windy day. this might help you get a better feel for the elements. try casting spells ruled by each one.
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Re: Element control
Post # 5

This is certainly a good place to catch yourself on the difference between media magic and the magic belonging to occultist lifestyles.

Magic isn't used to control anything, or at least that's a good way to look at it for the beginning of your studies. Magic is not a tool, it is an existence. There are many ways to define magic either as the universal energies at work or life essence or just nature taking its course. Either way you describe it magic is a natural existence that can be worked with. You can use things like energy manipulation, spells, prayers, rituals, express your desires and hopefully increase the chances of said desires coming to pass. The elements are apart of magic, they are generally described as very powerful forces of nature each with their own characteristics and versitility. As explained with magic you don't control the elements, you work with them in hopes of your expressed desires manifesting.

Element magic is very real. It is just as described, working with the elements as a regular primary aspect of your craft. But the "psionic abilities" or "bending" is not some attainable.
If you want water to cleanse something, get a bowl and fill it up. If you want fire to sacrifice offerings go get a match, a pile of wood, and a cauldron. If you want earth to protect something, you may as well go get some salts. Possibly you want air to heal something, go get some incense.

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Re: Element control
Post # 6

BlueFix worte an excellent post.

In addition to this, you can also use nature energies since natural beings always obtain positive and helpful energy you can work with. Elemental magic may be in a huge association with this as well. I find it relevant since you've mentioned the word 'environment'.

Nature happens to be full of natural energies, working with you energies while including elemental work in this is something that can be done and it will assist you to channel the energies you may find in nature.

There are few examples that I can give for this case. The sun is a very strong embodiment of the fire element, while you can tap into the energy by channeling the energy by different methods that always include energy work. For an instance Sun meditation is a form of meditation that allows a person's body to draw energy from the sun into itself. It typically is practiced in the morning and evening just after the sunrise and before sunset by gazing into the sun and meditating. Although it takes a significant amount of practice to master this type of meditation, anyone can participate as each individual can begin at a low level and work his or her way up to longer and more powerful sessions. The benefits of sun meditation are said to include a balance of emotions and recovery from many physical ailments.
There are different sun meditation techniques that can be done while sitting or standing.
You can do this daily to draw energy from the sun.

Of course that there are many other examples of uses of energy obtained in natural sources, I just gave you a specific one which is fairly clear and understandable. Moon, sun, things related to earth (grouding and centering is very associated to that), are all sources of natural obtained energy. You may channel this energy for your personal use while as everyone stated contrling natural forces is quite impossible...

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Re: Element control
Post # 7
I love all of the above posts and there are truths here. But, Kyle, if you want to cultivate affinity with any particular element, focus on developing it within both your mind and your physical body using internal alchemy.

This work should help you get started--

Also, I would look into Yin yoga.
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