hi i'm Jordan

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hi i'm Jordan
Post # 1
i'm tell everyone about my dark past so sit back and read. when i was 12 i started black magic my first spell was a hurt spell. i use to get pick on alot i use to get black eyes. with in two months i had five black eyes and i really want to get back at them i remember one of my best friends who got a black magic book just for kicks and i saw a hurt spell and i remember saying the spell after that i was addicted i used my magic to heal my adhd to see spirits and to get other people to say a spell to give me more power i know some of you are thinking some of those spell are holy spells well yes and no my old dark magic teacher told me "holy magic and black magic have the same spells but dark magic is faster holy magic is slow" he was right but he was also wrong yes black magic is faster but holy magic doesn't came at a cost like black magic does. when i was 16 i was lucky for me a evil spirit came in me and started to hurt all my friends and family and made me realize that black magic is'nt the way to go and a friend of mine help me cast a spell to bind the dark spirit with in me so he couldn't do anything bad agian and he gave me hes name so that the darkness in me will fear hes name. when i turn 18 i felt the darkness come out of me when my big brother got drink and started to choking me i felt like some one poured blood all over me all i could see was red and feeling anger but lucky for me i gather all the strength i had to hold him back and run away to cast the bind the darkness with in spell i'm now 20 almost 21 i've been in the holy magic for about five years now i just join the Christian Wiccans because there spells helped me in the past. sometimes i want to go back to the black magic when assholes hurt my friends but thanks to my old holy magic teacher bane who cast the bind spell on me i try to stay out of black magic. and thanks to miss Trinity whos the priestess to the Christian Wiccans who is helping me to get rid of this evil with in me thank you miss Trinity. i hope the people thinking of going to black magic read this and know how bad black magic is never go to that side NEVER. thanks for reading

like my holy teacher bane told me "blessed be to you holy mage keep in the light never lost your light like you did its really hard to get it back remember love is your strongest power"

blessed be everyone
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Re: hi i'm Jordan
Post # 2
im jordan too
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