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Suggested Spells to Try
Post # 1
Hello, I am having a problem with an ex-friend and her children. I have tried to sever all ties with her and her kids but they just do not stay out of our lives.
I want them to just leave us alone and stop causing trouble. I honestly do not talk to this woman, told her I do not want anything to do with her - yet she calls and sends her kids by to play with mine. If I see her she acts like she is my best friend. Uggh! It's so frustrating!

I have put spell on my house so she will not enter, which is working as she hasn't been back since I added it. But I am thinking I will need something more to the point.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Re: Suggested Spells to Try
Post # 2

You could talk to the police and explain what is happening or you can ask her why she is messing with you and try to talk to her. She might want to be friends.

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Re: Suggested Spells to Try
Post # 3
I've actually done both. Police are not too interested as she hasn't broken any laws according to them. And I talked to her many times in the last couple of months to tell her stop but she just doesn't get it. She tells me I will "Come out of it" and be her friend again. Well I will not as she has hurt me enough to sever the friendship.

I have severed all ties with her. Blocked her from my email and cell phone. She tried to contact my husband instead so he had to block her. If she see's me in a store she tries to be buddy buddy with me. At school functions she will always be around me, smiling and trying to talk to me.
She has made her children into little minions for her and they are constantly coming over and trying to start fights with my youngest son.
She is very vile and evil and I am looking for something that just blocks her from our lives.
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Re: Suggested Spells to Try
Post # 4
hmm... This is a big pickle you are in, I would just say park your cars into the garage, and if she comes over make sure you are not seen and pretend as if you are not home, make it seem like you are not home, and if she does see you, just be polite and let her enter to bring her kids over or whatever, if you are a nice person I would suggest you try not to get back at her, you could if you wanted to through spells or mischief, but I would suggest you try to avoid her and if you eat out then stay a while, not too long or else you may get in trouble for loitering, but if it's a place like mcadonalds where the have a play place, just eat slowly or medium fast, then after the you and the kids are done eating let them play for a half hour to a hour then go home, this could buy you some time to avoid your ex friend, anyways talk to you later, blessed be!
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Re: Suggested Spells to Try
Post # 5
I think u should give them a chance and see if she changed or if that did not work then say this spell that I got off of this site " you messed with a witch now the witch will now mess with you this witch is now a b**** and soon you will think so to" say it to her face or to a pic it works or also do the 3 nights of hell spell off of this site
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