Giving conjuring help

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Giving conjuring help
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When it comes to occult related forums and occult related topics the biggest question out there is how to conjure, summon, evoke, or invoke. The funny thing is that when people post this question whether it's on youtube, spellsofmagic, paganspace, yahoo, and to many more to list you get the same response from twenty or so know it all's saying the same thing "you shouldn't do it because it's to dangerous". Why even bother with a response like that when you are obviously to scared and don't know yourself enough to answer a question like that? Please don't answer that it was a rhetorical question. Anyways this post is for those who seek the enlightenment and true power in invocation and evocation magic. I would post the material that is within these books but I don't want to get nailed for putting published material on this site again so here's a list of books and authors on the subject that you will find very useful and will give you success with this pretty quick. Also if you have any questions just message me on the subject and I'll be happy to answer them for you. Heres the books and authors.

Evoking Eternity by EA Koetting
The Book of Azazel by EA Koetting
Questing after Visions by Ea Koetting
Luciferian Witchcraft by Michael Ford
Bible of the Adversary by Michael Ford
Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford
Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos

Anyone of these books will help you on your path to invocation and evocation magick. They are really easy to understand and you will have success with any of these books even if your a newbie. Ea Koetting and Michael Ford are both left hand path oriented writers and are very insightful when it comes to this subject. If your looking for a book that is good and isn't left hand path oriented that also provides successful results then I suggest Konstantinos book.
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