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Dreams ...
Post # 1
My dreams lately have been nice like last night I had this dream where I had to stay on this couch because my dad was working somewhere and then one direction came in and at that I fell asleep and I heard them coming over and kissing me and hugging me.When I woke up I was like the heck??? But I thought about my dream and when I walked to the ocean I slipped and the waves crashed and now I having memories of when I went to the ocean and I now its like a phobia. You know like big large area with dangers things. Also a long time ago I used to have dreams all of them were scary. When I dreamed they all seemed like they were trying to take me.For example I had one where something was about to scare me but I couldn't get up I rolled around but I was still in my dream. Can someone please explain this! Thanks
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Re: Dreams ...
By: / Novice
Post # 2

look it up yourself. dreams are personal, so you should figure it out on your own. while there are generic answers, you need to choose for yourself. like the ocean, it's tranquil, but you say you have a phobia so you might have to look at it differently.
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Re: Dreams ...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Most of the time, the dreamer is the one who can best interpret the dreams. Others may be able to give you general advice, but you have to figure out the deeper meaning on your own. Examine the unique symbols in the dreams, as well as the feelings you have about them, both within the dreams as well as when you wake up. Ultimately, your intuition will guide you.
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Re: Dreams ...
Post # 4
I'm very good on reading dreams (:
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