Orbs in photos

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Orbs in photos

Orbs in photos
Post # 1
My brother's friend has orbs in most photos of him. They are always around him. What does this mean? Why are they there? They are only visible in photos.
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Re: Orbs in photos
Post # 2

Its believed that orbs are spirits and ghost, sometimes cameras are able to capture things normal people couldn't see. If they were around him maybe they are trying to tell you something or they jest want attention. Like my dead cousin ha lol.

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Re: Orbs in photos
By: / Novice
Post # 3
orbs in photos are easy to make so don't jump to the spiritual conclusion, the lens could be dirty, or there could be dust particles in the air that reflect off the flash causing orbs in the photograph. if they're around him only and it's like that in many different locations, then perhaps there's something around him, but don't jump to the conclusion because of orbs. if you notice a shadow or a figure starting to appear, then you could say it's something, but orbs are a grey area.

yes orbs can be spirits, i've seen orbs, some were faeries, but most were weak spirits, normally animal spirits. try different tests to see if there's anything. does he believe in spirits? since most orbs are weak not many can communicate well, so try to sense them. see if you can feel a presence with you/him. clean the lens of the camera well, then take several pictures of him in the same area in different light [once with the flash, once without, once with a light on, once off, one in daylight, once in moonlight] if there are orbs you should see them each time, in different areas, in different settings. if they only appear with the flash on, or when the light is on, then it's dust reflecting off the light.

for the most part though orbs are harmless, if he wants to wear a protection charm it wouldn't hurt though. i don't think the orbs wish to hurt him though, he might be attracting them with his energy, or they could be swarming him to create a type of shield. figure out if it is spirits or not first before doing anything rash.
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Re: Orbs in photos
Post # 4
Ok thanks. Yes he believes in spirits etc. I will get him to try what you've advised. Thankyou
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