Possesion bugs me

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Possesion bugs me
Post # 1
I have been possesed for as long as i can remember.although i have learned to repell the controled mind and body spells that happen or is it just mind games.i think most are just games with the mind i havn't got many spells to combat such things that bug my mind any suggestions.
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Re: Possesion bugs me
By: / Novice
Post # 2
possessed by what? knowing what it is that posses you would help people suggest things to help you. i'd do a purification, of you, and of your home, then a protection on both. you could wear a charm, and hang protection charms or herbs/crystals in your house.

if it's more of a mental thing, i'd meditate and face it. it would be tough, but it's the best thing for you.
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Re: Possesion bugs me
Post # 3
merry meet ,i consider schizofrenia as mediumship,and any seperate consciousness in your mind as a seperate entity, our ancestors did to,why their are exororsist and medicine men etc. to fight them, when lets say your dead grandpa returns and gives you the what for, rather then a moments peace of mind .I speak from ezperience no medicine mental health has can stop schizofrenia.Schizofrenia the voices etc. it gets worse to as you get older. it became seeing ,hearing ,and feeling those spirits not only when i was awake but when i was asleep to.Magick is their weakness, but i gave up and tried to get help for the biteing, hallucinations,scatches, smells etc. ,I'm on latuda and citalopram but even my doctor told me It gets worse as you get older and someday the meds wont work anymore.Those spells will work also try calling on GOD THE GREAT FATHER or The GREAT MOTHER GODDESS ,i ment the lord and lady , or finding the spirits antipathy-fear of ,and fight fire with fire .they can feel your pain when their possessing you like for like, thats why catholic priest beat the possessed to get the demon to leave. how ever you choose to do so your not alone bright blessings.
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