Dark spirit(bad dreams)

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Dark spirit(bad dreams)
Post # 1
My friend's house is being haunted, It has been for quite a while. I sense a dark spirit there a lot of the time. It seems to feed off of fears and give nightmares. I sleepover a lot and I try to help in what way I can. The nightmares seem to just spread from person to person. Even I have been getting them. Does anyone have any advice, or has anyone had any experiences with this.
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Re: Dark spirit(bad dream
Post # 2
1.Dreamcatcher. Don't "bless" it or nuthing, just hang it above the bed. 2.Native americans often burned sage to ward that stuff off...we are on thier land. 3.Religion/prayer. 4.Stay strong, positive, and loveing. This might piss it off, but that s cuz its working. 4.(my personal best advice for this) remove all "bad" things from the house. Scary movies/books, witchy-type items, any pentagrams or satanic stuff (lol). 5.Ask for help, even if ur not religous or spiritual, doesnt even haveto be someone specific, just ask. 6.Ask it to make its intentions known(be careful). 7.Preist. (if it gets to bad).
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Re: Dark spirit(bad dreams)
By: / Novice
Post # 3
some of those things make sense, getting rid of the "witchy-stuff" no, same with the priest, they're spiritually strong, but if you don't follow it, why would you call upon the spiritual leader? like asking a Rabi to help you when you're Hindu.

sage is a good idea though. it might be a build up of negative energy, in that case [which you should do annually] cleanse the house. if it's a spirit, try speaking with it to see what it wants. sometimes people hear a noise, get freaked and cleanse without speaking with the entity [if their is one] only to find out later it was there protecting the place.

there's plenty of cleansings to be found on the site, but a basic one is to clean everything with salt water and lemon. open all the doors and windows, and sweep/wash the floor starting from the middle out, say a chant, or just think 'out' or something like that. try to visualize with each stroke a white light washing away everything. finish with the sage smudge, or some protection incense, and close all the doors and windows.
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