Love Spells: What to Know

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Love Spells: What to Know
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Love spells are spells that can attract a love to you or bring one back to you. There are also spells to break up relationships and the whatnot. These kinds of spells have controversy because of the fact that you are unwillingly making someone you like be your love, but there are spells that can make a person willingly come to you. For example, if there is a spell to make a specific person come to you, then that is unwillingly making that person come to you. If there is a spell to reveal a love to you, persay, one day you meet a boy/girl that you have a sudden attraction to, then that willingly brings a person to you. You are not forcing that person to come to you. Love spells are usually cast with a pink candle since love is one of its properties. When doing Love Magick, you really need to know the difference between unwilling and willing. Would you want to be forced to love someone? No. So, why would you force someone else to love you? Now, you may not share the same view with me, but that is fine. That is my personal opinion and you may wish to agree or disagree with me if you want. As I have said before, knowing the difference between unwilling and willing is vital to performing love magick. You may also gather love energies. Think of love surrounding you in the form of energy. You may take a pink candle and meditate while thinking of this if you wish. This surrounds you with love energies only but does not attract love to you.

Some herbs/incense that are associated with love are:
-Cinnamon (Wear in an amulet to bring passion)
-Adam and Eve root (One person holds the Adam root, the lady. The other holds the Eve root, the man. This keeps your lover true to you. Discourages rivals. Carry both roots in a small bag for attraction, to bring a love to you, or for a marrage proposal)
-Apple (Put seven apple seeds in a bag with Orris Root* to promote sexual love)
-Rose (For divine love)
-Gardenia (Incense)
-Jasmine (Incense)
-Rose (Incense. Used in all forms of love enchantment.)
-Strawberry (Incense)

*Orris Root- Used to draw (or hold) love and romance

I hope I was able to help. Please tell me if I got something wrong/if you want to add something. Feedback is appreciated.


(Herbal and Incense properties are courtesy of:

All credit for the properties goes to these sites.)
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