what does this mean?

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what does this mean?
Post # 1
So it's full moon, and i'm goin to start a new job soon, with a new environment. I always read from here that a spell made by own self and belief are always better. So i perform a simple candle spell for peace and harmony and attracting more friends, its a small votive candle which i in script my wish, follow by a small paper with more details of what i hope for. I didn't chant but i just focus and think of what i want. I let it burn till finish, can of cos it took a long time, by the end of it. the fire flame getting bigger! Bigger than a normal flame on the wick, and the glass candle holder broken! i try blowing off the flames 3 times but cant, so in panic i pour abit water over it, the flames get way up more angry higher suddenly and then died down.....what does it mean???
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Re: what does this mean?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
right before it burned out the flame grew large and unstable? many candles will do that since it's being snuffed out by the candle wax. the heat might of also broken the glass since it might of been too thin, or wasn't meant to be lit for so long.

if you're going for a more magical answer, you either put too much energy into the spell, or it's a sign it will come true. panicking and throwing water on it might not of been your best idea though, will probably effect the spell negatively.
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Re: what does this mean?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
First do Not ever blow out any candle you have done a spell with. When you do that it blows the spell away and it will not work. As far as not saying a chant that is fine you don't have to chant with a spell especially one you wrote yourself.
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