(Raider) Tarot Queston

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(Raider) Tarot Queston
Post # 1
Cards: The moon, The fool, The Hanged Man, and The herophant. Question 1: I know it might be a little vague, but in the way YOU use tarot cards, what do these four represent? General, mainstream meaning also welcome :). Question 2: When I use tarot card I often get The Fool... I'm definitly a fool in many ways (lol@me:), but could it be a warning? Or mean more than just "you are a fool, Link7."? Lol :) thnx in advanced for replies.
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Re: (Raider) Tarot Queston
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
The Fool

The Fool in Tarot is equal to The Joker in playing decks .
Its number is zero( no number or 22 ) ,with very obvious reason .It is the zero and the raw potential .It can be nothing and everything .
The Fool is the wild card you never know what it is preparing for you, comlitely .For it is like child foolish, and in same time enough brave to strive to learn new things ,without fear and despair from failure .In this instance, Fool is more wise than rest of the cards .Child has a raw potential ,which developed in right conditions and through the experience gained during journey , can win for him the World .It is the empty space ,which allows knowledge to thrive ,when right steps have been taken - the old self , the emotional luggage have been recycled ,but not forgotten entirely .It is new phase ,new momentum .In the Plant Kingdom the Fool is represented by the seed .Seed contais all that it needs to fully develop ,yet its destany is still unknown .
Eventually The Fool realizes that there is much more out there ,than his well known homeland , much more to him than his Ego .
He realises the only way to discover what that is through adventures of external and internal kind .It is letting go from well known and venturing into unknown ,despite your logical sense tells you to stick for what you know .It also takes bravery to fight your instincts and sort of jump off cliff ,while rest of the world is shaking head in dismay .
His guiding light is his own inner intuition . His driving force is the burning desire to push the limits, in order to find what lies beyond in all dimenion and levels .

Key words :
-Hope and believe in the future
-The Unknown
-Inner Strength
-Joy of living
-Unexpected forces or adventures
-Letting go of old ways

I have written the text part with my own words , by my own understanding of the arcanic knowledge this card holds .It may not necesserely match with your own ,however I do not bear responsability for such occurance .
Source of key words :The Essential Guide to the Tarot by David Fontana .I could have used similar words to express similar ideas ,but thought reputable source is more worthy ,when it comes to actual interpretation.

To be continued for the rest of the cards ...
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Re: (Raider) Tarot Queston
Post # 3
This is just me, but whenever I get The Fool in relation to myself in a reading, it's a sign of new beginnings - a journey, a self realization, friendships, relationships.... It's a little heads up that something new is coming, and a warning that I shouldn't just dive into things headfirst, like a fool :)
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Re: (Raider) Tarot Queston
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
the fool also represents you, as you start of on your journey you have no knowledge an over time as your journey takes you places so do you gain in this, think of yourself standing on a path,the only bag you have is a little backpack to store your worldly knowledge in, soon that little bag is going to get bigger and bigger as your journey unfolds we start out in life with very little knowledge but end up going through all sorts of experiences dont we
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