Incubus Encounter?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Incubus Encounter?

Incubus Encounter?
Post # 1
Sorry for the much posting, but I had to ask.... So when I first started projecting, mabye 4 months ago (yes noob lol), first real long projection, I was walking down my hallway. I saw something "tring" to hide in my bathroom. I grabed it, (by the armp and pulled it out. It was a dude. Long story short (even thow this was about 10 secondsl, if that) the strong sense of awareness and self control I typicaly feel was gone, and me and Mystery Boy....weeeelll, After a matter of seconds, *poof* he was gone. I was usto dreams, and controling them, so I tried to *poof* him back, realy hard, but couldn't. Never saw him again.... I know its a little wierd to tell this story, but the state of mind I was in makes me wonder. Also, if they are after "sexual energy" an incubus would explain the quickness of it all... So either Id been represing some "feelings" wayyy to much, or i encountered a strange entity, or both. Does this sound like and Incubus? If not, was it like a dream character, being a facet of myself, or was this a real person or entity? If an incubus, what exactly did It do? Permament effects? Get back whats mine? And finaly, How to keep it/them away and How to prevent this from occureing again?
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Re: Incubus Encounter?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
as i said in the last post you made, you need to protect and purify your home. energy can build up and pool sometimes it can take on forms. without more detail into this being i cannot say for certain what it was. an Incubus/Succubus is a sexual demon who feeds off energy during the act. to have one sneaking around your house is odd, though there are cases where they'd wait till their victim was asleep. try some protective charms around your bed to be safe.

i think it's just built up energy, for a dream character to appear outside of ones dreams is strange, but you could will a being into existence with your own energy. it could be someone, but i doubt it, most people who project don't sneak around people's houses. if they did, you'd probably recognize them, they wouldn't appear as a dark figure.

i you should read up on Succubus and Incubus if you wish to fully know about then and their effects. basically though they're sexual demons, while not all evil, they are dangerous, since demons commonly do whatever they feel will get them what they want. if you're being attacked by a Succubus/Incubus, you'd feel tired and drained of energy, you might look or feel sick, pale, weak. just cleanse and protect your house. it should get rid of all negative energy, weaker beings, and make it harder for stronger creatures like Succubus to enter. the easiest way i know to keep a demon away is to mentally put up a block, if you only want positive beings in your home, state it, you could put a plaque on the wall stating it, or say a chant stating you only want beings who do not wish to harm, or just think it when you enter your home. a protection spell on your home should do the trick though, be sure to recast. annually's fine, but some people do it more.
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Re: Incubus Encounter?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
No not an Incubus. They attach themselves to you not like what happen to you.
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