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Post # 1
I'm fairly new to the Chakra conpect. The test for them on the advertisements showed that all of my Chakras are CLOSED. I am fearful of something going wrong in my life. Can anyone help me at least make them weak instead of closed?

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Re: Chakras
Post # 2
This is what I somtimes do.

Start meditation by favored method

Envision your root chakras

envision power pooling in the root chakra

envision this power slowly moving up your body through each of your other chakras.

be patient with this as it can take a while for the power to reach all your chakras. you may feel tingling during this meditation which is fairly common. Also I tend to avoid overflooding the third eye and crown chakras becouse i read somewhere that it can be bad for your health. I dont know if these claims are true though. I hope this helps.
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Re: Chakras
Post # 3
I meant root chakra not chakras
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Re: Chakras
By: / Novice
Post # 4

that article was really helpful for me. if i were you, i'd incorporate balancing your chakra's into your daily meditation [if you have a meditation schedule, it's helpful] start at your root and work your way to the crown. personally, i started with one chakra a day, so i could focus all my energy on that one chakra, get to know it, and throughout the day try to see if anything was different with the chakra open. [takes a week] once i've done that with each chakra, i'd balance two starting from the root to the crown, then so on until i can balance all seven in one sitting. [takes about a month]

don't get discouraged, it takes a while to get good with meditation and chakra's. also, there's many different methods to visualize your chakra's. spend the first month playing around with your visualization of them. as long as their the correct colour, it doesn't matter if you visualize a flower, a disk, a gemstone, a cat, a pearl, a dragon, whatever, it just needs to be the corresponding colour really.
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Re: Chakras
Post # 5
This may sound stupid but with the root I suggest eating red colored foods and going outside barefoot and stomping and dancing and running and jumping in the grass or meditation in the nature
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