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Post # 1
Well lately i have been very depressed. Like listening to night core. I am a very happy person and usually hate music that is very sad I like upbeat music like Lovey dovey stuff. Now after the night of Christmas I am In my room with music as loud as possible playing music saying it doesn't even matter and have images of bloody anime on my computer. Nothing even depressing has happened lately and I cried myself to sleep. It's like I'm a totally new and different person over 1 hour.(I don't know if I'm aloud to say the website)So on a website I just saying I feel so depressed and swearing constantly. I never swear on that website! Also its not like a mood swing cause it's been happening for the past 2 days now! Can someone please help and maybe understand why I have this sudden weirdness. Thanks so much!
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Re: Deppresion
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

If you are feeling depression, and feel that you have mentally changed, I would urge you to talk to a professional quickly as they may be able to help you better and make sure you are fine on that end of things. Seasonal depression occurs often around this time of year: I have it as well.

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Re: Deppresion
Post # 3
Merry meet personifieds right i suffered from depression to, i got help for it.Surrounding yourself with dark things will produce it in your life, like for like, it will attract it.Evil allowed to exist harms everyone especially you.If you want a happier life you got to get rid of the unhappy evil things in your life, and keep all the Good things, that make you happy. those bad things manifest only bad like for like as they say.GOD and GODDESS symbols invite them in,just as symbols of hate and evil will make you sick .A bannana is yellow like the sun, it contains tryptophan and vitamin B-6 it raises serotonin ridding depression, milk will two and other symbols of theirs.Negative thoughts attract negativity into your life. positive thoughts and actions will manifest love and happiness, you got to be good. bad is only harmful it harms everyone makes you and everyone unhappy.bright blessings kiddo
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Re: Deppresion
By: / Novice
Post # 4
good point personified it could be seasonal depression. speak to a councilor or a psychiatrist. most schools have one you can talk to for free. i'm not sure about the states but in Canada we have the kids help phone, they're their to listen to you and help you through tough times.

if you feel depressed on and off throughout the year it could be a number of things, the first thing you should do is speak with your doctor though. it could be a vitamin D deficiency, it's common in my family, so we normally will take a vitamin D pill once a day. sometimes the food we eat can effect our mood, so try to keep a balanced diet. listening to Nightcore and other raver music is fun [puts me in a good mood anyway] doing things you love can help you feel better. try meditation and/or exercise they can help your mood as well. you don't have to hit the gym. some times i just do 5 minutes of yoga or tai chi and i feel a little better. try meditating, and set up an appointment with your doctor.
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Re: Deppresion
Post # 5
Just because somebody listens to dark music and likes dark imagery does NOT make them evil,but yes,most people are attracted to those things when they are depressed,anyway,sometime people get depressed for no apparent reason,i get depressed around the end of every month for some reason,and in winter,so it's not just happening to you,i think the others are right in sayingbthat it's seasonal.
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Re: Deppresion
Post # 6
This doesn't sound like depression, but you may have a lot of negative energy around you. Listen to some happy music if that changes anything, go out for a walk and if possible do some work out, running, cycling, any sport really.

I don't wish depression to anyone, but if your problem is long term you may want to go to a specialist, if you don't like talking to him find a new one. It has helped me get through my eating disorder and some other problems.

Also think what is causing this problem. Family? Love? Friendship? Personal insecurities? Money? Then try to resolve it by getting help from someone. A parent, a sibling, other family member, best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, someone you are close to. Telling your problems to someone(whom you trust of course) might lift some of their weight. Closing yourself is the worst thing you can do. Think deeply, maybe it's a problem you've been pushing aside that's causing you trouble now.

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